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BBGS Abogados

Latin America 2023
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Latin America
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Provided by BBGS Abogados
Latin America

Managing Partners:
BBGS Chile:
Jose Miguel Bambach
BBGS Colombia: Luis Felipe Barrios
BBGS Mexico: Fernado Garcia de Luca
BBGS Peru: Carlos Saco-Vertiz

Senior Partners:
BBGS Chile:
Claudio Campos, Patricio Reyes, Jose Miguel Laso
BBGS Colombia: Myriam Montenegro, Mónica Serrano, Felipe Rubio
BBGS Peru: Eduardo Landerer
BBGS Mexico: Gonzalo Garcia Velasco

Number of partners worldwide: 12
Number of other lawyers worldwide: 100

Firm Overview:
BBGS Abogados is a firm that works for the Pacific Alliance, with offices in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. The firm is the result of integrating Bambach & Campos (Chile), Barrios & Montenegro (Colombia), García Velasco & García De Luca (Mexico) and Sacovertiz & Landerer (Peru).

BBGS Abogados focuses on a quick response capacity, a premium product and a fully customised service. The following are priorities for the firm:

■ More than lawyers for its clients, the firm provides solid and careful support, in order to become the client’s trusted advisors
■ The firm is driven by challenges and complex issues, but above all by client satisfaction. Always going above and beyond for them
■ BBGS Abogados works to build long-term relationships demonstrating loyalty and commitment
■ Forward thinking and creative, the firm understands today’s language in order to face upcoming challenges

Main Areas of Practice:  

Corporate & Business:
This area focuses on providing comprehensive legal support to a variety of companies with the sole purpose of protecting business relationships and reducing potential legal risks.

Mergers & Acquisitions:
M&A operations are led by a team of specialised lawyers, whose mission is to strengthen the client’s negotiation interets. Additionally, they strive to ensure the best legal terms for the client during transactions.

Private Clients & Family Business:
The area focuses on finding effective, creative and safe solutions, for all matters related to personal or family wealth and assets.

BBGS Abogados offers specialised advice regarding labour relationships between companies and their workers. Whether it’s from an individual or collective perspective, this area provides effective solutions, as well judicial defence.

Industrial Property:
This area is in charge of the protection of indutrial property rights, in particular, brands, trade names, slogans, patents, utility models, industrial designs, domain names, and industrial secrets.

Conflict Resolution:
This area offers clients specialised and comprehensive advice for the solution of disputes. This team of highly qualified lawyers, has extensive experience in judicial conflict resolution, national and international arbitrations, administrative procedures, as well as mediation and out-of-court conciliation.

BBGS Abogados has significant experience in matters related to the aviation, demonstrating extensive knowledge on legislation and international conventions.

Financial & Capital Markets:
This team’s experience in the financial market has given the firm confidence of a solid and diversified client portfolio, made up of renowned companies of national and international prestige.

This area seeks to understand and identify the main legal risks to which companies are exposed. The team seeks to identify areas and positions exposed to legal risks, and to determine the procedures and protocols that should be implemented to mitigate them.

Customs & Foreign Trade:
This area has professionals who are able advise the clients on technical and legal customs and foreign trade matters. Insurance: This team offers advice on contracts and schemes commonly used in the insurance market. The experienced lawyers provide the client with different contracting models and policies.

This area ensures that one of its specialists reviews the structure of every transaction, in order to optimise its position and obtain the maximum profitabilit. In particular, the area has a team with extensive experience in tax planning and management, which specialises, among others, in project finance, M&A and advice to individuals and family businesses.

Advertising, Entertainment & Audiovisual Production:
BBGS Abogados is a leading firm for companies in the entertainment industry. Providing legal aid for clients involved in advertising, media and marketing agencies, as well as producers of audio and visual content.

Digital Media & New Technologies:
The firm is eager to adress the digital transformation that is taking place worldwide. This area provides legal services for companies in the digital sector, creators of mobile applications and digital platforms, and companies involved in the management of social networks and new media.

Energy & Natural Resources:
This team represents various clients in activities related to the extraction and distribution of different natural resources, as well as the start-up of businesses directly related to this industry.

Consumer Protection & Competition:
This team specialises on providing support to businesses on matters such as the restrictive practices to competition and unfair competition and infringements to the regime of free competition and consumer protection.

Infrastructure, Planning & Regulation:
This area is responsible for the structuring of all types of operations related to real estate, as well as project development and construction.

Bankruptcy & Restructuring:
This team has experience in restructuring procedures and corporate liquidations, from the debtor and the creditor positions. It provides legal advice in different stages of reorganisation and restructuring procedures (private or public). Such as the design and elaboration of the Restructuring Agreements, using financial, corporate, labour and tax knowledge to do so.

Spanish, English. 

Some of the firm’s clients in the countries where it has presence are the following: Lipigas; Sky Airline; HMC Capital; Siemens; Aercap; China Aircraft Leasing; Transelec; Avianca; Bersa; Emirates Airlines; Emergia Customer Care Colombia; Geopark; ABB, Human Capital, Amazon Studios, Abbot, Dago García Producciones, Inversiones Primera Infancia; Hallmark House; Dirtykitchen; Smith & Nephew Colombia; TicBridge; Sony Pictures Television Inc.; Calvin Klein; Orange Brands Services: Plural Comunicaciones (Canal 1); Teleset; HBO; AXN Colombia Networks; Lafrancol; Biotecnik; Mall Plaza; Caracol Television; Colombia Rural; Producciones 5 y 6; Cinepolis; Copiloto Satelital; Inversionistas en DadaRoom; Interfil; 4E Global; Baker Tilly México; Banco de Crédito del Perú; Credicorp Capital; Cineplex S.A.; BBVA Continental; Intercorp; IntersegCiuro; Nexus Group; San Miguel Industrias PET; Cineplanet; Casa Andina; Innova Schools; La Positiva Seguros; Morgan Stanley; DHL Peru; SUNAT; Grupo RPP.

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Provided by BBGS Abogados

Colombia - Head office

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