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ARBLIT – Radicati di Brozolo Sabatini Benedettelli Torsello

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Number of partners: 4 Number of lawyers: 11
Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish

ARBLIT is a specialized law firm focused on domestic and international dispute resolution for Italian and foreign clients. The firm provides the full range of Dispute Resolution services from Arbitration to national and international Litigation. ARBLIT is adept at assisting clients in all types of disputes with a cross-border component. ARBLIT’s strength is anchored in the reputation of its partners, who in addition to being leading academics, are top arbitration and litigation specialists with decades of experience in prestigious international law firms.


International arbitration
Court litigation

Counsel in arbitration proceedings for:
• Photovoltaic investors from different countries in several UNCITRAL investment arbitrations against East-European State for violation of various BITs and the Energy Charter Treaty
• Two Italian construction companies in an ICC arbitration arising out of the unlawful termination of a contract for the construction of a hydroelectric power plant in Honduras
• Mexican subsidiary of an Italian engineering company in arbitration proceedings under the ICC Rules concerning a subcontract for the construction and supply of a component for a major steel producer in the U.S.
• Italian railway company in an ICC arbitration against a public entity of Bosnia-Herzegovina arising from a FIDIC based contract for railway overhaul work
• Italian distributor in an ICC arbitration arising from the unlawful termination of a distribution agreement with a major Japanese pharmaceutical company
• Two subsidiaries of a major German conglomerate in an Euro 8 billion arbitration brought by a European State in relation to a project for the construction of military vessels
• Four companies active in the Oil & Gas industry in arbitration proceedings arising out of an M&A transaction for the sale of an energy utility active in the Italian market
• Consortium of construction companies in two arbitrations against African State entities under EDF Rules
• Italian engineering company in an ICC arbitration against a Greek construction company arising from a subcontract for the construction of a polypropylene plant in Greece
• A major US insurance company in a multi-billion arbitration proceedings against its former Italian broker
• Consortium of Italian construction companies before a DAB and in CCIR and ICC arbitrations against a Romanian State Entity arising from a FIDIC based contract for the rehabilitation of a national road
• A Brazilian distributor in ICC arbitration brought by an Italian manufacturer of motorcycles for the alleged breach of distribution agreement
Key Clients: Astaldi, Tenova, Ghella, Impresa Pizzarotti, Tecnimont, Consta, Generale Costruzioni Ferroviarie, Tirrena Scavi, Itinera

Counsel in Court proceedings for:
• ARBLIT is co-representing a photovoltaic investor before the Swiss Federal Tribunal in connection with the challenge of a Partial Award
• US company (already successfully represented in the challenge of the presiding arbitrator in arbitral proceeding seated in Italy) in court proceedings for damages for breach on the part of the arbitrator of the arbitration agreement
• Mexican company in the claim brought by an Italian company challenging the partial award rendered by an ICC arbitral tribunal
• An international arbitral institution (successfully represented in the first instance and currently represented in appeal) in proceedings brought against the institution before an Italian court by a party alleging mismanagement of arbitral proceedings
• Italian subsidiary of a German pharmaceutical company in a claim against a bank for the latter’s failure to prevent damages arising from a fraudulent scheme implemented by a company’s employee with the participation of representatives of the bank
• Company operating in the oil&gas sector in multiple cases brought by a subcontractor (and currently resumed by the trustee in bankruptcy of the subcontractor) challenging the assignments of receivables and set-offs deployed by the company to recover its credits
• Independent actuary in the liability claim brought by the liquidator of an insurance company for alleged negligence in the assessment of the sufficiency of budgetary reserves
• A financial company in the appeal on jurisdictional matters filed in respect of an action brought before an Italian court against the Irish subsidiary of a US bank that acted as administrator of an investment fund involved in a “ponzi scheme”
• The United States of America, US Army Garrison in a claim for payment brought by a subcontractor engaged in decontamination operations in a US Army base
• Multiple directors and auditors of public companied in the claim for liability brought by the trustee in bankruptcy of the company.
Key Clients: AmTrust Financial Services, Inc., COC Farmaceutici S.r.l.; Cosmi S.p.a., Fidor S.p.a., Generale Costruzioni Ferroviarie S.p.a., HYL Technologies S.A. de C.V., International Chamber of Commerce, Lameplast S.p.a., Sarstedt S.r.l., Government of the United States of America - US Army Garrison, Several directors and auditors in liability claims brought by trustees in bankruptcy or judicial liquidators

• Luca Radicati was appointed by ICSID to chair an ad hoc Annulment Committee in the case Valores Mundiales, SL and Consorcio Andino SL v Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (ICSID Case No. ARB/13/11)
• Luca Radicati was appointed chairman of an ICSID Arbitral Tribunal in the case Corral Morocco Holdings AB v the Republic of Morocco (ICSID Case No. ARB/18/7)
• Luca Radicati was appointed by ICSID to chair an Arbitral Tribunal in the case América Móvil v the Republic of Colombia (ICSID Case No. ARB(AF)/16/5)
• Massimo Benedettelli was appointed co-arbitrator in the PCA investment arbitration dispute between Valeria Italia S.r.l. v. Albania
• Massimo Benedettelli was appointed Chair of an ICC Tribunal in a dispute between a French construction company and a Qatari public authority
• Massimo Benedettelli was appointed as co-arbitrator in a 100 million EUR post-M&A dispute between a Japanese company and an Italian company
• Luca Radicati was appointed chair on an ICSID Tribunal in the case The Lopez-Goyne Family Trust and others v. Republic of Nicaragua (ICSID Case No. ARB/17/44)
• Luca Radicati was appointed chair of an ICC Tribunal called to resolve a dispute brought by Bankers Petroleum against the National Agency of Natural Resources of Albania
• Luca Radicati was appointed by the ICC as co-arbitrator of a five-member arbitral tribunal called to resolve a 2.8 billion USD dispute between the companies PT Ventures, Vidatel, Geni and MSTelcom-Mercury
• Michele Sabatini was appointed by the ICC as Sole arbitrator in a dispute between a Turkish supplier of plastic products and a Greek distributor
• Marco Torsello was appointed by the ICC as Sole arbitrator in a dispute between a German supplier of Centrifuges for the dewatering of coal to a Turkish buyer operating in the business of coal-extraction
• Marco Torsello was appointed by the Milan Chamber of Arbitration as Presiding arbitrator in a dispute between the seller and the buyer of a stock of shares representing the majority of the share capital of an Italian public company.

Party appointed experts:
• Before the UK High Court of Justice on matters of private international law in relation to a dispute on derivatives involving banks and Italian public entities
• Before French and US courts on matters of arbitration law, as well as on matters of European Convention on Human Rights
• Before Australian court on arbitrability of competition law claims
• Before Swedish court in setting aside action against award involving competition law
• Before the court of Delaware (USA) on matters of contractual and pre-contractual liability governed by Italian law