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Head of Chambers: Steven Kay QC
Chambers Director: Martin Secrett
Senior Clerk: Paul Outen
24-hour Duty Clerk: 07971 153 192
Tenants: 68

THE CHAMBERS 9 Bedford Row is widely respected as one of the leading sets specialising in all aspects of criminal law. Chambers is committed to provide a professional, approachable, result driven and efficient service within the criminal market place whether prosecuting or defending, in this country or aboard. For a number of years now, chambers has its work extended to international courts including a number of significant cases in The Hague. Most members are public access accredited.

WORK UNDERTAKEN The majority of chambers’ work in this country traditionally comprises of general crime from murder, manslaughter and firearms offences to drug trafficking, terrorism, robbery and road traffic offences. Chambers has a well-respected group of practitioners specialising in serious sexual crime work, both defending and prosecuting. In recent years there has been a growing emphasis on corporate crime, which includes fraud, bribery, corruption, and white collar crime with a fast-developing practice in regulatory and compliance matters, including data protection and privacy, particularly in respect of GDPR. In addition, chambers prides itself on providing high quality representation and advice in cases involving military personnel, whether regular or reservist, including courts martial.

Chambers have substantial experience and a proven recording of acting in disciplinary and regulatory matters, which includes anti-corruption, safeguarding and anti-doping, in areas such as healthcare, police and sport. Licensing work has always been an important practice area within chambers because of the overlapping expertise gained from criminal and regulatory law. Over recent years, there has been a rapidly growing practice arising from firearms licensing and gun control as well as issues arising from fox and other forms of hunting. Members advise and represent individuals and organisations on all aspects of firearms licensing, and are regularly involved in criminal cases that involve the use of firearms.

Members of chambers, including the Head of Chambers Steven Kay QC, have appeared in many of the most notorious and high profile cases heard in international courts and tribunals. They have often done so to considerable acclaim and so are world renowned in this important field. The emergence of international initiatives against bribery and corruption, including legislation in multiple countries, has brought additional complexity to the conduct of international business. Chambers has the experience to help businesses and individuals identify and address risks before they escalate. The ARC project run by Gillian Higgins, which is a vehicle for claimants to instruct counsel to take cases to the Africa Court of Human and People Rights, has been recognised as a unique and valuable international litigation asset.

LANGUAGES SPOKEN Arabic, Bosnian, Croatian, Finnish, French, German, Gujerati, Hindi, Italian, Punjabi, Serbian, Spanish, Swahili, Tamil and Urdu.


Steven Kay QC (1977) (QC-1997) A

Anthony Berry QC (1976) (QC-1994) A

Patrick Upward QC (1972) (QC-1996) A

Elizabeth Marsh QC (1979) (QC-1999) A

Abbas Lakha QC (1984) (QC-2003) A

Lee Karu QC (1985) (QC-2010) A

Jane Bickerstaff QC (1989) (QC-2012) A

Justin Rouse (1982) (QC-2015) A

Peter Glenser QC (1993) (QC-2018) A

Patricia May (1965)

Roger Carne (1969) A

Kenneth Aylett (1972) A

David Burgess (1975)

John Traversi (1977) A

Stephen Mejzner (1978)

Louis French (1979)

David Hughes (1980) A

Karina Arden (1982) A

John King (1983) A

Jollyon Robertson (1983) A

Adrian Amer (1984) A

Gary Summers (1985) A

Justin Hugheston-Roberts (1986) A

John Cammegh (1987) A

Simon Stirling (1989)

Jonathan Akinsanya (1993) A

Anita Arora (1994)

Samantha Cohen (1995) A

Anne Faul (1996)

Lawrence Selby (1997) A

Yogain Chandarana (1997) A

Gillian Higgins (1997) A

Graeme Logan (1998) A

Michael Stradling (1998)

Katrina Charles (2000) A

Michael Edmonds (2000) A

Peter Hunter (2000) A

Will Noble (2000)

Mustapha Hakme (2000)

Claire Fraser (2000)

Diana Wilson (2001)

Daniel Higgins (2003) A

Sean Sullivan (2004) A

Max Hardy (2004) A

Ruth Becker (2004) A

Rhiannon Sadler (2004) A

Richard Paton-Philip (2005) A

Corinne Bramwell (2005) A

Lennart Poulsen (2006) A

Jessica Clarke (2006) A

Rebecca Nieto (2006)

Aneurin Brewer (2008) A

Joe Holmes (2009) A

Tessa Shroff (2009)

Sarah Bafadhel (2009) A

Kirsty Sutherland (2010) A

Kabir Sondhi (2010)

Puneet Grewal (2010)

Caroline Macpherson (2011) A

Andrea Becker (2012) A

Alexandra Matthews (2012)

Charlotte Mitchell-Dunn (2012)

Joshua Kern (2013)

Katie Mustard (2014)

Richard Reynolds (2014)

Stefan Hyman (2015)

Leena Lakhani (2015)

Gregor Guy-Smith *

Colleen Rohan *

Prof William Schabas *

Ignatius Hughes QC *

Nicholas Worsley *

James Welsh *

Zacharias Miah *

* Door Tenant

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