Diversity FAQs

Why is Chambers asking for Diversity statistics in the submissions?

Diversity & Inclusion continues to be a key business priority for Chambers and remains an important topic raised during our conversations with in-house counsel. By including this information, we will be assisting the legal profession on its inclusion journey and providing in-house counsel with the information they have been requesting.. Our request for diversity statistics will help us better understand the profession, provide context to our rankings and drive change. 

How will you use the D&I statistical information in research?

Gathering this information allows us to build up a picture of each strand of the profession. We will use the information in order to ensure our research remains an accurate, reliable and representative reflection of the market.

Will you publish the information? 

Our editorial team will assess the material we gather with the aim of publishing factual data in our editorial commentary where appropriate. If a firm does not provide Diversity statistics, we will record these as “Undisclosed”.

Can I provide overall firm statistics instead?

We welcome any information you can provide. However, in-house counsel are interested in the statistics as they relates to practice groups. We would therefore encourage you to provide information using the department submission form. Chambers research also collates firm-wide statistics for the Chambers Student and Associate guides and for the Chambers Diversity Awards. To provide firm-wide statistics, please contact [email protected]

Can I use the old template?

If you have prepared material in advance of this request, please continue with the old form. We would welcome an update, which contains your Diversity statistics, via email to [email protected]