Find the Top Lawyers and Law Firms in the Chambers Latin America Guide

Chambers uses in-depth research to rank the top law firms and lawyers across Latin America. Chambers rankings provide the most reliable recommendations, to help you make an informed decision when buying legal services. Please see our methodology page for further information on our how we carry out our research. 

Jurisdictions covered in Chambers Latin America

Chambers Latin America covers a total of 20 jurisdictions, spanning Mexico; Central America; the Caribbean islands of Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico; as well as Brazil and all the Spanish-speaking countries of South America.

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Practice Areas covered in Chambers Latin America

Each country is covered by at least two practice areas with our largest jurisdiction, Brazil, boasting in excess of 40 specialist practice areas. Brazil and Mexico also contain regional tables, reflecting the work of firms based all over their respective countries.

Chambers Latin America jurisdictions

Our 'Central America-wide' section ranks law firms based in Central America who carry out work across the isthmus. Whereas the 'Latin America-wide' sections rank firms based inside and outside of Latin America that carry out work across the region.

New in this release

We have listened to feedback and made a few additions to this year’s guide.

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Our research team

Learn more about the Chambers Latin America research team.

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