Find the Top Lawyers and Law Firms in the Chambers Europe Guide

Find the Top Lawyers and Law Firms in the Chambers Europe Guide.

Chambers Europe ranks lawyers and law firms across Europe. Chambers and Partners rankings are based on in-depth analysis gathered by our experienced team of researchers. To find out more, please see our methodology page.

If you are buying legal services in Europe, Chambers and Partners rankings and research will provide you with all the necessary information needed to make an informed decision.
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New in this release

• Barcelona Public Law
• Europe-wide Private Equity Mid-Market
• France Public Contract as a subsection of Public Law
• Albania IP has been added as a subsection of Albania Corporate/Commercial
• Tax Advisors added as a subsection of Switzerland Tax

Chambers Europe Jurisdictions and Practice Areas

The Chambers Europe Guide covers 52 jurisdictions across Europe, from Greenland, the UK and Ireland in the West to Russia, Turkey and Ukraine in the East in addition to coverage on a Europe-wide and CEE-wide scale.In the largest jurisdictions, such as France, Germany, and Spain, we cover many areas of law – about 25 in each. In smaller jurisdictions we usually cover about six areas of law. In the smallest jurisdictions, such as Andorra and Armenia, we cover General Business Law
Key areas of law, such as Arbitration, Dispute Resolution, and Corporate, are also covered in our ‘Europe-Wide’ rankings and commentary. This Europe-wide coverage focuses on those law firms that operate across the continent. We also have separate 'Central & Eastern Europe' and 'Baltic States' chapters which rank firms that carry out work across those regions.

Chambers Europe Research

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Our Europe team is able to conduct interviews in a number of native languages, including German, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Polish, Lithuanian and Hungarian.