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Wijn & Stael has wide-ranging expertise and is well-known nationally and internationally as an expert in restructuring & insolvency issues. Wijn & Stael’s experience in this area is also extremely useful when having to deal with corporate restructurings, such as examining the options to prevent insolvency.

Wijn & Stael’s lawyers acted in the corporate restructuring of Partner Logistics, Kroymans Lease Holding, Pouw Automotive, V&D, Miss Etam, Lievegoed and MS Mode. 

Wijn & Stael’s lawyers also act in complex and large bankruptcy cases such as:
■ Landis, a listed company in the area of production and distribution of ICT-equipment
■ Econcern, a public company, heading 220 group companies with 1,200 employees in 20 countries, with a mission to “ensure a sustainable energy supply for everyone”
■ Ginaf Trucks, a producer of trucks
■ Stichting Meavita en Sensivation, a foundation with several subsidiaries in the area of care with a turnover of approximately €500,000,000
■ Vastgoed Fonds Hanzevast Holland 55 and Vastgoed Fonds Hanzevast Holland 61, a real estate fund
■ Nawon Holding, a company with several subsidiaries with real estate in The Netherlands, Germany and France
■ Goes Transport, a group of companies in the area of transport
■ Spyker N.V., a manufacturer of exclusive sport cars
■ Eurocommerce, a company with a large portfolio of real estate