Wasser, Cooperman & Mandles

Family/Matrimonial Department

Current View:

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"In the entertainment and ultra high net worth area," Wasser, Cooperman & Mandles "are one of the best-regarded firms in the city," enthuses a source. "They are at the top of their game and they can handle complex litigation," reports another interviewee.

One peer states: "They offer quality work - it is very well respected, it certainly a broad and diverse practice. I am glad to hear when they are on the other side of the case, they are very focused on resolving an issue - you have a real conversation with them."

Notable practitioners

Bruce Cooperman "is one of the smartest thinking family lawyers in the city," reports a source. Another agrees, saying that "he is inevitably the smartest man in the room," and adding: "He is encyclopaedic in his knowledge of the law and the details of cases. He is one of the very, very best legal minds in our community in family law, without question."

Dennis Wasser "is the dean of the family law Bar," states a source, who says he "brings a gravitas and strength." One interviewee comments: "He has always been at the top of his profession and a lawyers' lawyer." Another states that "he certainly is still a force within the field."

Laura Landesman represents high net worth clients in a range of contentious family issues. She is described as an "excellent lawyer" who is also "really funny." One market commentator says: "Her strength is in the details; she is strong in her writing and with the details, she really knows her stuff and she provides a solid work product."

Laura Wasser "has done a brilliant job in developing a niche market of celebrity clients," reports a source, who adds: "She knows how to protect privacy, she brings a lot to the table and has done a great job of integrating herself into the Hollywood community." "She is really one of the premier names in our business," enthuses a peer. Another says: "Her strength is that she is both passionate and practical. She is a passionate advocate for the client and can explain strategy to the client, and she can defuse the emotional aspect."

Melanie Mandles "is every bit as smart, affable, and productive as everyone at that firm. She is a terrific person to have on the other side of case," says a fellow lawyer, who adds: "We fight about things productively, she is very good at working with us to come up with a protocol and process which is outside of the box. She is the kindest, nicest person and is a terrific terrific human being." "She has a really good way with clients and a strategic way of looking at things," says another source.