Private Wealth Law Department

Current View:

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Waller is recognised as a "talented" firm for private wealth matters in Tennessee. One source reports that "Waller is known as the top firm in the state in relation to non-profit matters." The firm also advises high net worth and ultra high net worth clients on trust and estate planning and administration, as well as tax planning.

An interviewee reveals that "they can handle very complicated matters, that is why I go to them," and another says: "They have a high level of expertise and they have a significant amount of experience." Others describe them as "capable and responsive," as well as "good value."

Notable practitioners

Aaron Flinn assists high net worth individuals and families with trust and estate administration and planning, as well as tax planning. One source notes that Flinn is "an expert" for private wealth matters, and another reports that Flinn is "detail-oriented" and that he "has a good future ahead of him." An interviewee describes him as "responsive," and adds that "he gets things done in a timely fashion" and his "work is outstanding."

Michael Yopp is considered "an expert" for private wealth matters, especially tax planning. A source commends his communication skills, stating: "He was always a clear communicator with me and could explain estate tax and federal tax in a way that was understandable." One interviewee reports that "he is an excellent guy, super smart and very technical," and another says he is "easy to work with."

Jon Gaston advises high net worth clients and non-profit organisations on their tax planning. One source recognises him as a "very strong attorney," and another remarks that "he is a very sharp lawyer, very intelligent." An interviewee commends his communication skills, saying: "He is very responsive, whenever I reach out he gets back to me promptly." Another reports: "I find him extremely approachable, he is very concerned about providing quality representation and service. He is very personable and easy to talk with and to work with. He makes the process pleasant."

"I would always go to Richard Johnson first for private trusts," reveals one source. Another says Johnson "knows the non-profit world very well." One interviewee says they "just can't say enough nice things about him," and another explains: "He has a phenomenal knowledge base. He can communicate sophisticated concepts to them on a level they understand into digestible portions." Others describe him as "dedicated" and "thoughtful," and recognise his ability to "get things done in a timely fashion" and to "look outside the box."