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Dispute Resolution is a major focus at Simont Braun. The firm has a strong dispute resolution department gathering expertise in litigation, international and domestic arbitration, and mediation. Simont Braun’s other departments also count renowned litigation experts in their respective areas of practice. 


  • We have assisted the European Commission and the 27 Member States in the landmark judicial proceedings against AstraZeneca for its delays in delivery of Covid-19 vaccines (now settled).
  • We have assisted Test-Achats, the Belgian consumers’ rights defence organisation, in a landmark class action against Ryanair (now settled).
  • We assist DRS Belgium (Deminor Recovery Services) in crucial proceedings gathering more than 2,000 former shareholders of Arco.

Litigation before all courts: 



appear before

all Belgian courts

, Benelux courts and the European Court of Justice. Simont Braun is also one of the rare law firms able to defend its clients up to the

Supreme Court

Alternative dispute resolution: Our dispute resolution team has developed a comprehensive offer and expertise as we assist clients in litigation, arbitration and mediation. Being business- and solution-oriented, we always try to promote alternative dispute resolution modes with our clients.

Class actions: Simont Braun has significant experience in large class actions in various sectors. 

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Paul Alain Foriers
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