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Dispute resolution has been a long-standing area of focus at Simont Braun.

Simont Braun is also acknowledged as having strong expertise in arbitration (both domestic and international), mediation proceedings and white-collar crime.

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Simont Braun’s lawyers act before courts at all levels in civil, commercial and administrative matters, as well as in special proceedings, such as appeals relating to registrations of trademarks or services, bank and stock exchange regulations, merger control, gas & electricity regulation, etc.

Our lawyers also act in national and international arbitral proceedings as counsel, legal expert or arbitrator. The team includes two mediators registered with the Federal Mediation commissions and Simont Braun is a signatory of the Bmediation Charter.

A rare feature of Simont Braun is that one of our partners is admitted to the bar of the Belgian Supreme Court (Cour de Cassation/Hof van Cassatie): Paul Alain Foriers. Our lawyers also have longstanding expertise in proceedings before the Council of State (administrative supreme court) and the Constitutional Court.

Simont Braun stands out thanks to its breadth of experience before supranational courts, such as the Benelux Court and the European Court of Justice. Our litigators are used to handling cases combining cross-border aspects and/or international proceedings.

We also handled one of the first major class actions in Belgium (Deminor – Fortis dismantling).


Foriers, Paul Alain

Jafferali, Rafaël

Thieffry, Béatrice

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