Business Intelligence & Investigations Department


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What the team is known for Raedas is a highly regarded investigations firm exclusively specialising in complex disputes. The firm regularly acts on behalf of the world's leading law firms in significant litigation and arbitration matters. Its London-based team provides market-leading, bespoke intelligence gathering that is supported by its experience in investigative methodologies, legal discovery and disclosure processes.

"What sets Raedas apart," says one lawyer, "is that they live and practise a true specialism in litigation. They understand the processes of litigation and arbitration, but are strategists as well as investigators. They're fabulous. They really get into the details of everything you're asking for, in tracking down obscure documents, but they also help you choose what to pursue and recommend what move to take next. That value-add is really quite special." Another source adds: "Raedas are extremely good at presenting the material, not just in obtaining it. They provide a sober analysis of what they've been able to gather."

Notable practitioners

Andrew Wordsworth is regarded by many sources as a pre-eminent figure in the British market for intelligence relating to the former Soviet Union, having been engaged in some of the last decade's most prominent disputes connected to Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Wordsworth often assists clients in complex investigations, politically motivated tax claims, extradition requests and accusations of corruption.

"Andrew is excellent for Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan matters," says one lawyer, adding: "His advice is often strategic and he's well connected to key decision makers across these markets." Another source says of Wordsworth: "He's a real expert on Russia, is very well connected and is plugged in to that market. He'll make you aware of things that you weren't aware of and couldn't have thought of before."

Nicholas Bortman is a founding partner of the firm and a highly experienced practitioner in corruption investigations, and bilateral investment treaty and civil arbitration proceedings. Bortman is particularly competent in Middle East matters, where he has a proven track record in evidence gathering within jurisdictions with minimal disclosure requirements.

"Nick is a dynamo, and phenomenally intelligent," says a client; "it's not just the information he gathers, but that he gathers it in a manner that is admissible in court. He's a quasi lawyer-investigator, which is, for us, a godsend." A leading fraud lawyer summarises: "What makes Nick stand out is he's one of the smartest people I've ever met. What he knows, what he remembers and the level of detail is extraordinary. Whatever team members are doing, he retains all the information so I just have a single point of contact."