Business Intelligence & Investigations Department


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London-based boutique Raedas are highly respected experts in investigations,  providing litigation and arbitration support services to high net worth individuals, corporates and law firms. "Raedas is really focused on disputes, which is what lawyers want - that specialism," says an interviewee.

"They play the quasi-role of lawyer-investigators. They think like lawyers but they're investigators," remarks an industry insider. "They're truly the complete package," enthuses a satisfied client; "I've never worked with anyone like them that really gets it, particularly from a litigation perspective. They understand how everything they're doing fits in with an overall litigation strategy."

Notable practitioners

Nicholas Bortman is a founding partner at Raedas and has particular expertise in leading corruption investigations, especially in the Middle East. He is commended by industry insiders for his capabilities in gathering evidence in jurisdictions with minimal disclosure requirements.

"You sense with Nick that he's seen every scam in the book that has come out of the Middle East. He's never shocked by what he sees. He's seen this playbook before," says one interviewee. "Nick has a particularly good ability to scope a problem, and he's very resourceful in finding creative ways to gather information," enthuses a market expert; "he's always my first choice for Middle East matters."