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The area provides advice in all legal aspects related to the structuring and development of real estate projects.

With a solid reputation in the real estate sector (national and international), Real Estate Law has intervened in the most relevant operations of the last years, both in the Colombian market and in the Chilean market, covering, among others, the following aspects:

  • Structuring of projects and real estate investments as well as their financing.
  • Advice on the development of project management (covering all matters related to the construction, promotion, financing and investment of residential assets, offices, business parks, logistics, hotels, resorts, shopping centers).
  • Legal advice to investors, financiers, investment funds (institutional and private), real estate companies and end users.

Practice of Urban Law.

The area of ​​Urban Law advises public and private entities in the areas of planning, land management, implementation of planning and land management tools and procedures. We work in continuous and close collaboration with the area of ​​Real Estate Law which also has a great autonomy of advice and specific clientele.

The advice is made from multidisciplinary teams formed by lawyers specializing in urban, real estate, tax and environmental law.

We have advised the urban development of large tourist and hotel projects, residential, commercial and office and mixed and industrial, among others, both in the Colombian market and in the Chilean market.


Rocha, Juan Carlos (Head of Department)

Lozano, Diana

Luna, Juan Miguel

Ramírez, Jaime


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Anglo Gold Ashanti y Gramalote Limited Colombia

Colvalor Propiedades Colombianas S.A.S.

Core Capital

Drummond Ltd Colombia.

Électricité de France - EDF

Fondo Inmobiliario Colombia - FIC

Grupo Argos S.A.

Grupo de Energía Bogotá S.A.

Grupo Luz y Fuerza Colombia

Grupo Luz y Fuerza S.A.S.

Grupo Patio (Chilean investment group).

H & M


Ospinas S.A.

Parque Arauco S.A.

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Ripley Internacional S.A.

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