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A responsible management of human resources that ensures a reliable, secure and effective development of business initiatives – this is the pillar of our approach to employment and labor law assistance.

Lining up one of the largest teams of lawyers exclusively specializing in employment and labor law aspects within an integrated legal & tax services provider in Romania, we partner with our clients from inception to delivery of human resources strategies.

Our team designs and formulates strategies, policies and representations that become case law and help shape the domestic employment and labor law practice. These are aimed at facilitating a two-way exchange of experiences and knowledge in a consistent and lucrative manner among various stakeholders, including between Legal and HR professionals in any business.

We have the educational background and professional qualifications to puzzle out the big picture and we reflect this through the organizational HR diagnosis we propose and complete.

This enables us to find the best possible formula for various core legal topics such as:

  • individual employment relations​
  • compensation and benefits
  • industrial relations and collective bargaining
  • restructuring operations, outsourcing, transfer of undertakings
  • dispute resolution
  • occupational health and safety

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Roxana Abrașu
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Gabriela Dinu
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Roxana Abrașu

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