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Our constant involvement in sophisticated and one-of-a-kind deals translates in best practices in the banking and finance sector, which our team has been developing in Romania. We complement this with the highest quality of services delivered to our clients and we are confident that these established our banking and finance practice as a market leader on the domestic market.

Over the past decades, the domestic financial market has faced a staggering number of regulatory changes. This context created opportunities for us to constantly act on complex and sensitive high profile transactions, with a substantial share of first-to-market and deals that have set benchmarks.

Prominent international and domestic financial institutions as well as leading Romanian and international corporations use our services for a vast range of banking and finance areas, including:

  • corporate finance, including bond issuance on regulated or non-regulated markets
  • acquisition finance
  • asset finance
  • project finance
  • structured finance
  • public sector finance
  • debt restructuring and insolvency
  • sale and acquisition of individual non-performing loans (NPLs) or NPL portfolios
  • regulatory and compliance
  • financial institutions mergers and acquisitions and privatizations
  • financial institutions operations and reorganisations
  • banking litigation, including consumer credit disputes

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Banking & Finance

Alina Radu
Alina Radu
Head of Banking & Finance
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Valentin Voinescu
Valentin Voinescu
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Alina Radu

Alina Radu

Head of Department

Manuela Nestor

Head of Department


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