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Makes & Partners is the recognized leader in capital markets transactions in Indonesia, and the legal counsel of choice for issuers and underwriters. Its lawyers have in-depth knowledge of capital markets laws and proven experience in working with the regulators.

Makes & Partners has acted in numerous global public offerings (debt and equity) by Indonesian companies listed on international exchanges and international private placements by way of Rule 144A and Regulation S.

Recently, Makes & Partners was involved in all and every aspect of the multi-sided Public Offering of Dana Investasi, Real Estat (Real Estate Investment Fund or “DIRE”) Simas Plaza Indonesia by PT Sinarmas Asset Management (the “Issuer”). DIRE Simas Plaza Indonesia is the largest DIRE that has ever been offered in Indonesia. This deal is considered as a landmark deal in the sphere of capital markets and has attracted other Indonesian property tycoons to adopt a similar structure for their assets.

Currently, the Makes team is involved in two proposed IPOs that are expected to be the largest and the second-largest IPOs to be carried out in Indonesia.


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