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There are 3 Lighthouse departments we would like to highlight:

Lighthouse Review & Advanced Analytics: Provides review and advanced analytics solutions that strategically combine legal and technology expertise with AI tools to model human judgments with nuance and sophistication. With a unique blend of skills and experience, our experts design and execute review solutions, including:

·       Key document identification;

·       Responsive review;

·       Privilege & sensitive data classification;

·       Enterprise-wide review and analytics;

·       Data reduction and keyword consultation.

Digital Forensics: Provides global collection services with flexible deployment options spanning mobile device, chat, collaboration, social media, and cloud-based platform data. Our experts also specialize in:

·       Deciphering user behaviors (data deletion, internet history, etc.);

·       Data recovery, application analysis, custom analytics, breach preparedness, IP theft risk mitigation;

·       Employee-related data risks (onboarded and departing employees’ IP theft, etc.).

Advisory Services: Helps companies mitigate risks and build modern, cloud-centric legal and compliance programs, define their business needs, and implement defensible frameworks to manage the enterprise information lifecycle. Comprised of 40+ legal/compliance experts and veteran technologists, the team can help bridge the gap between legal requirement and technology reality.

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What the team is known for

Lighthouse combines strong digital forensics, project management and data hosting capabilities with cutting-edge advisory services. Lighthouse recently completed the acquisition of H5, a premier consulting firm at the forefront of technology assisted review and technological solutions in the eDiscovery space.


"They really do find the needle in the haystack. They provide us with the ability to tell our story in a thoughtful way."

"They bring everything that you look for in an outside consultant. They bring vast experience with a broad set of large organisations from different industries, so they bring in the ability to benchmark on the fly as you discuss configuration and implementation decisions."

Notable practitioners

Jamie Brown is vice president of Lighthouse's global advisory services and brings a unique perspective to eDiscovery matters, having served as in-house counsel, a litigation partner and a regulator. She receives praise for being able to offer pragmatic advice tailored to suit the individual requirements of the eDiscovery client."Jamie is a superstar," says a source, adding: "She is just as smart as they come in terms of her ability to guide people when it comes to eDiscovery and information governance." "She used to work for one of the big American regulators," says another interviewee, who adds: "She is also a trial litigator and has worked in a bank doing eDiscovery. That is quite a unique skill set."

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Jamie Brown
Jamie Brown
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Jamie Brown

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Reem Saffouri

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