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Leigh Day represents clients seeking to protect the environment in this country and overseas. The firm specialises in claims as a result of exposure to pollution, including radiation, chemicals, pesticides and sewage in the sea.

Their cases include international multi-party actions arising from environmental damage in developing countries, UK and European public law challenges relating to climate change, human rights claims before the African regional courts, as well as domestic applications opposing planning decisions.

The team is at the forefront of the legal fight against climate change on behalf of its clients. It is currently instructed in a challenge to Heathrow’s third runway on grounds that the government failed to consider the Paris Agreement. It also challenges planning decisions on air pollution grounds.

On behalf of Wild Justice, a group co-led by Chris Packham CBE, the team successfully challenged licences for the mass killing of several species of birds and is currently challenging the Government’s decision to release millions of non-native game-birds into the countryside.

Leigh Day continues to run numerous landmark cases which have helped to define the obligations of UK based businesses to the communities in which they operate as leading players in establishing the liability of English domiciled parent companies.


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