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LatamLex | El Salvador, originally known as Guandique Segovia & Quinatilla (“GSQ”) is a Salvadoran Law Firm, founded on December 29th, 1972. It was the first law firm established as an integral collective law firm, whose members did not have any family relationship, but a shared vision to provide legal services under the structure of a company and not independently as was traditionally carried until then, in El Salvador.

Its founding members, Luis Ernesto Guandique Mejía and Luis Nelson Segovia, decided to partner under such concept and became pioneers, having constituted  the first legal firm in El Salvador, giving rise to the establishment of other law firms under the same structure for the provision of legal services.

In the year of 1987, after the incorporation of Carlos Quintanilla Schmidt as partner, the firm acquires its current name “Guandique Segovia Quintanilla”. On January 2008, four of the associates were incorporated as partners, Ana Patricia Portillo Reyes, Luis Ernesto Guandique Chávez, Oscar Mauricio Hurtado Saldaña and Carlos Mauricio Guzmán Segovia, all of them with over fifteen years of being part of the firm.

In 2014 became LatamLex El Salvador, and host for 2 years, of the first head office of the firm.