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Montana Labor & Employment
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The attorneys at GLR offer smart, proactive legal strategies that can reduce the risk of litigation.  We work one on one -- with solopreneurs up to Fortune 500 companies.  We cover all areas of labor and employment law, from transactional work to arbitration, mediation and litigation:

  • Employee contract negotiation and drafting
  • Collective bargaining agreements negotiation and drafting
  • Employment handbook and policy review and creation
  • Employment discrimination claims
  • Sexual harassment defense
  • Disability discrimination claims
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) claims
  • Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) disputes
  • Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) claims
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Collective bargaining arbitration
  • Labor relations management
  • Title VII/Title IX/Montana Human Rights Act
  • NLRB elections and unfair labor practices
  • Wrongful termination defense 

Our attorneys often serve as mediators in employment disputes hosting mediations and settlement conferences.  

To help companies avoid employment related legal battles, we conduct workplace training sessions, workplace investigations for employers and host free employment law seminars.

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Labor & Employment - Montana
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What the team is known for

Garlington, Lohn & Robinson's well-regarded law group in Montana offers a full spectrum of labor and employment services. Operates on behalf of major employers providing advice on matters such as collective bargaining agreements, employment discrimination claims and ERISA disputes. Also experienced in advising on contractual matters, FMLA claims and workplace policies.

Notable practitioners

Kathryn Mahe is a key point of contact for clients.


Provided by Garlington, Lohn & Robinson, PLLP

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