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Fontaine Abogados is known for its expertise in this area, with more than 20 years of experience in advising major companies of the sector in the development of large plots of land, buildings, shopping malls, housing projects, warehouse projects and rural real estate development.

We advise real estate development projects from their initial planning stage, its financing, construction, and start-up, and sale to the public. This includes the structuring of the project, corporate and tax aspects, processing of permits and approvals, regulation and environmental impact issues.

Among the Firm’s major clients are real estate companies, consortia of construction companies, real estate investment funds and life insurance companies.


Marín, Diego (Head of Department)

Troncoso Cruz, Juan Eduardo (Head of Department)

Valverde, Montserrat (Head of Department)

Álvarez, María José

Aranda, Camila

Fontaine, Hernán

Giroux, Denise

Landeta, Tomás

Ramos, Paulina

Reyes, Ramón

Serani, Javiera

Valenzuela, Martín

Vicari, Alejandro


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