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Del Castillo y Castro Abogados has one of the strongest restructuring practices in Latin America and we believe the scope of our practice and the successes we have achieved on behalf of our clients are truly distinguishing features of our firm.  

We have handled various debt restructurings that were often controlled by foreign investors. We have advised our clients on the challenges demanded by private restructuring operations in which numerous creditors participate, or that take place in different jurisdictions. Our team is the first in Mexico to achieve a true consensual restructuring of a company through the new construct of commercial insolvency. For years, we have actively represented various manufacturing, commercial and service companies, in their capacity as debtors, in a wide range of financial operations, including: credits (guaranteed or unsecured); syndicated credits, either representing the administrative agent and guarantors in syndicated loans to one of the participants or to the Mexican debtor; asset financing and exchange of debt.

We represent debtors and creditors in all aspects of a complex restructuring. In addition to negotiations, we can handle all  transactional aspects of a restructuring, including securities issues, and judicial aspects, such as concurso and hostile litigation. No other team of lawyers has handled as many cases in concurso as well as advising on corporate aspects of the restructuring.


Arellano P., Renata

Buchanan G., Ana Paula

Castro D., Alfonso

del Castillo E, Fernando

Elizalde L., Ana Laura

Ferrer Soto, Andrés

Meza Díaz de León, Gabriela

Quezada Garza, José Abel

Silva R., Karla G.

Vargas R., Arantza

Vázquez L., F. Camilo

Vera A., José Carlos