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Real Estate Department

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The department is headed by the highly experienced real estate specialist Christian Schow Madsen and leading construction expert Christian Johansen. Furthermore, it consists of 6 additional partners and 24 other qualified lawyers.

Our Real Estate team is one of the leading players in the real estate sphere. We have one of the most active teams in the Danish market. We give advice on high-end, complex real estate matters including real estate transactions, financing, property development and construction law. We work in teams to advise the client in the best possible way by combining commercial and legal expertise.

We provide legal advice on some of the largest and most high-profile projects in Denmark. In addition, we represent clients on high-stakes construction-related disputes.

We act as legal adviser on matters such as:

  • Complex real estate transactions
  • Property development
  • Construction law
  • Real estate finance
  • Development projects
  • Construction-related disputes


Johansen, Christian (Head of Department)

Madsen, Christian Schow (Head of Department)

Bjerg, Henriette

Damgaard, Søren

Kopp, Søren