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The services of the Firm in mining matters include legal advice on all aspects related to the international, federal and provincial regulation applicable to all aspects related to the mining projects at their exploration, construction and operation stages, and include -among others- the processing  and tracking of permits, financial transactions and/or the acquisition of mining projects and joint ventures created for the development of such kind of projects, reorganizations, assignment of mining properties, due diligence performance and title assessment, drafting and environmental audit, analysis of contracts, assistance in the preparation of Feasibility Studies, counselling to binational Argentine-Chilean projects, and design of regulations providing for viability of projects and its operations.

The Firm’s practice in Mining integrate and foster their services with other areas that are fundamental to the development of any project, such as corporate law, foreign trade, administrative, regulatory, taxation, litigation, intellectual property, among others; all of which finally results in the possibility of giving advice to clients on the performance of all kind of transactions in a specialized and comprehensive manner.