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The chambers' barristers are regularly engaged in the most high-profile regulatory cases across various professions, including finance, healthcare and the law. Members of chambers defend and prosecute disciplinary proceedings brought by key regulators such as the GMC, GDC and SRA. They are also frequently called upon for advice and representation in related appeals before the senior courts, and in judicial review. In a recent highlight, both the SRA and Baker McKenzie partner Gary Senior were represented by barristers from the set, in the highly publicised prosecution regarding allegations of sexual harassment and the firm's investigation of them. A source says: "The barristers are very high-calibre and the set is very highly regarded in this field."

Client service: "The set is very enthusiastically clerked and well organised." "A very slick operation, and the clerks are friendly and easy to deal with." Peter Campbell leads the clerking for this area of practice.

Alexis Hearnden

Highly regarded for her effective representation of professional individuals and regulators, focusing primarily on the healthcare sector. She has considerable experience of proceedings involving the GMC, the Nursing and Midwifery Council, the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), the RCVS and the PSA. She also defends solicitors and barristers.
Strengths: "Absolutely phenomenal." "She is very good, experienced, committed to this kind of work and she does it well." "A good junior with an excellent eye for detail."
Recent work: Successfully acted for the PSA in its challenge to the HCPC's handling of misconduct allegations against a paramedic who was found to have acted in a sexually predatory manner towards a patient. The Administrative Court was persuaded that the HCPC failed to bring the real substance of the individual's misconduct to the attention of the disciplinary committee.

Andrew Tabachnik QC

Highly regarded barrister who is recognised for his capable handling of a range of high-profile, complex professional disciplinary matters. He regularly appears both for and against regulators, and focuses his practice on the military, legal, financial and sporting sectors.
Strengths: "A seriously safe pair of hands, who often tackles very difficult and high-profile work, and an absolute pleasure to work with."
Recent work: Represented the SRA in its prosecution of Gary Senior, Baker McKenzie and those who investigated the original allegations of sexual harassment made against him. The SRA's prosecution concerned not only the allegations themselves, but also the manner in which the complaints were investigated by the firm.

David Bradly

Exceptional advocate who regularly assists both regulators and professionals in the healthcare sector. He is highly regarded for his deft handling of complex cases, including high-profile appellate matters, involving regulatory bodies such as the GMC, GDC and RCVS. He also acts for professionals from other fields such as solicitors, psychologists and accountants.
Strengths: "Very robust in his questioning of witnesses and his submissions." "He has all the attributes one wants in a fabulous barrister. He charms the tribunal and they trust his judgement." "Absolutely outstanding advocacy before the Disciplinary Committee, and provides first-rate advice."
Recent work: Represented the RCVS in successfully resisting an appeal before the Privy Council, in the case of Dr Horia Elefterescu, a vet who was struck off for dishonesty and serious clinical errors.

Eleanor Grey QC

Demonstrates notable skill in regulatory and disciplinary matters concerning the health and social care sectors. Her experience in public law makes her adept at disciplinary appeals in the High Court. She often acts for regulators such as the GMC in high-profile cases, including those where their decisions are challenged. 
Strengths: "Highly respected, and offers a very thoughtful style of advocacy which is careful, well researched and measured." "She has incredibly good judgement and a really incisive mind - wonderful to work with." "She has always been responsive to clients' needs, and brings a wealth of public law experience and understanding to the issues she is consulted on."
Recent work: Successfully argued, in R (Kuzmin) v GMC, that disciplinary tribunals could draw adverse inferences from the silence of an individual charged with regulatory breaches, unless it would be procedurally unfair to do so.

Fenella Morris QC

Skilled advocate whose broad regulatory practice encompasses a number of professional remits, including finance and healthcare. She acts for regulators as well as defendants in disciplinary proceedings. She also has a strong track record of providing policy advice to regulators and disciplinary bodies.
Strengths: "She is completely focused on achieving the right outcome for her clients and works incredibly hard to do so. Her presentation in court is concise and to the point." "She is very thorough and strong on the law, and the courts like her." "Very intelligent, astute, and her knowledge across different regulated professions adds weight to her advocacy."
Recent work: Appeared on behalf of the PSA in a judicial review brought by the Good Thinking Society, a charity which sought to challenge the regulator's decision to accredit the Society of Homeopaths.

Gregory Treverton-Jones QC

Renowned advocate who specialises in the representation of solicitors facing significant disciplinary proceedings. He is also noted for his adept representation of barristers and surveyors, as well as their regulators. He has significant experience of regulatory appeals in the High Court.
Strengths: "He is able to work out the best features of his client's case and present them." "He has real expertise in solicitor disciplinary work." "The gold standard for quality."
Recent work: Defended Gary Senior in his high-profile prosecution by the SRA.

Jenni Richards QC

Highly respected silk whose disciplinary practice covers a wide range of areas, including the financial, legal and healthcare sectors. She has extensive experience of representing both regulators and defendants, and draws upon her deep knowledge of public law to inform her regulatory work.
Strengths: "She's formidably bright and able to master complex areas of both the law and science. She's a fantastic and brilliant advocate, and is incredibly good at turning dry arguments into compelling points in court." "Efficient and well prepared, and her advocacy is beautifully presented. Both her written and oral advocacy is first class." "An outstanding performer."
Recent work: Represented the GMC at the Court of Appeal in the case of Sanusi, which considered the extent of the duties of fairness and candour owed by the regulator to registrants in disciplinary proceedings.

Nicola Greaney

Routinely appears in significant disciplinary matters on behalf of medical professionals. She draws upon her deep knowledge of clinical negligence and personal injury law to inform her well-respected regulatory practice. She has considerable experience of disciplinary appeals in the High Court.
Strengths: "She is personable, calm and unflappable in court." "She is always extremely approachable. She gives robust and clear advice."
Recent work: Represented Barking and Dagenham College in a judical review challenging a decision by the Office for Students not to accredit it as a higher education college.

Peter Mant

Sought after for his expert knowledge of matters in the healthcare regulatory remit. He routinely acts on behalf of the PSA, RCVS and GMC. He also acts for individuals subject to regulation. His capabilities include judicial review and regulatory appeals in the High Court.
Strengths: "He works collaboratively, gets into the detail and listens to what the client wants." "Excellent analytical skills and understanding of public law points. He is very good at finding a pragmatic solution to legally complex disputes." "Really approachable and very thorough."
Recent work: Acted for the GMC in successfully resisting a judicial review of its decision reopen regulatory proceedings against Simon Bramhall, a surgeon who marked his initials on the livers of transplant patients.

Robert Lazarus

Highly thought-of advocate who is particularly noted for his adroit representation of healthcare professionals. He is capable of handling a wide spectrum of cases involving professional discipline. He is dual-qualified in medicine and law.
Strengths: "He is very calm and easy to deal with. He gave very clear and easy-to-understand advice." "He is an excellent advocate who is skilled in cross-examination, particularly of expert witnesses."
Recent work: Successfully acted for a solicitor who was accused of defrauding an overseas client. The solicitor was not struck off or suspended.

Rory Dunlop QC

A skilled regulatory lawyer who routinely represents the GMC in appeals and judicial reviews. He is also regularly instructed by the SRA and the Department for Education. He acts in a wide range of cases including sexual misconduct allegations and claims of dishonesty, and is a noted authority on immigration issues relating to the field. He has a flair for appellate proceedings.
Strengths: "Analytically sharp and unflappable in court." "He is very charming, and courts like listening to him." "A robust advocate who has the client's interests at heart and always does a good job."
Recent work: Acted for the regulator in the Court of Appeal case of GMC v Hayat, which established that a sick note was not sufficient evidence of illness to justify an adjournment of disciplinary proceedings.

Vikram Sachdeva QC

Renowned silk with a clinical background, whose highly active practice sees him regularly appear before regulators in the health, legal and financial sectors. He is skilled in judicial reviews challenging disciplinary decisions.
Strengths: "He is a smooth operator who is very polished and a real fighter." "He's a go-to QC for really tricky and novel legal issues which overlap with questions of policy. He will leave no stone unturned to find the answer to thorny legal questions. He always goes one step further, and you don't doubt he's explored every argument to get to the best possible answer."
Recent work: Successfully acted for E-Negotiation in a matter where it was accused of operating contrary to the Legal Services Act.