3 Raymond Buildings

Crime Department

London (Bar)
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3 Raymond Buildings is a top-tier set known for its advocacy and advisory work on every aspect of criminal law, including serious violent and sexual crime, terrorism, and organised crime. Individuals here act both as defence counsel and prosecutors in some of the most high-profile criminal cases around. By way of example, one member prosecuted 'the body in the freezer' murder, which involved the kidnap, rape and brutal murder of a woman, and the rape and attempted murder of a second victim. One interviewee noted: “The set has got a lot of good, top-end people and the breadth of quality has to be seen to be believed.”

Client service: The "very efficient and reliable" clerks' room is led by Eddie Holland.

Alexander Cameron QC
A leading silk who is highly respected by peers, who has been lauded as someone who "fully deserves his excellent reputation." Offering his services for both publicly and privately funded work, he has worked on numerous high-profile and complex defence cases, including those relating to homicide, drug and sexual offences. 
Strengths: “One of the best silks at the Criminal Bar. He is fantastic with the law, excellent with clients and exceptionally bright.” “Alex is a commanding advocate; he has a calm presence and is a great tactician.”
Recent work: Defended Stanislav Dubis, who was charged with killing a Polish acquaintance following a drunken argument about sexuality.

Alisdair Williamson QC
Strengths: "He has a great strategic mind when analysing cases involving multiple sexual assault allegations. Very calm, responsive and a great fit for instructing solicitors."

Bo-Eun Jung
Strengths: "Quite simply one of the best and best-prepared juniors we have ever instructed."

Edmund Gritt
Strengths: "He cross-examined the experts very well and had a really good way with the jury. He was persuasive as an advocate and a formidable opponent. I also appreciate the way he collaborated with me before and during the trial to keep things running smoothly despite disclosure issues."

Guy Ladenburg
Strengths: "A very tough cross-examiner and a fearless advocate. He is very likeable and juries respond well to him."

Heather Oliver
Strengths: "She is seriously bright, and has an absolutely first class way of handling clients: business-like and yet friendly, and not patronising in any way. She is also a good solicitor's barrister as she is available and approachable."

Hugh Davies QC
Strengths: "We turn to him particularly when a flawless academic approach is required." "He thoroughly impresses me with his judgement and he's brilliant in every way."

James Hines QC
Strengths: "A real polymath, who seems to pluck ideas out of left field that you hadn't anticipated. The result we achieved was significantly down to his ability and his rapport with the judge. Calm, collected and an original thinker."

James Lewis QC
Strengths: "His incredible knowledge of a vast range of topics, his warm and skilful client manner and extreme user-friendliness never cease to amaze. I have never worked with a better counsel."

Jane Humphryes QC
Experienced at handling the full range of serious criminal cases, she is particularly well known for her expertise in handling sex offences, many of which involve issues of toxicology. She is praised for her ability to manage the court. 
Strengths: “Highly respected and someone who is always in control of the court.” “Jane had to get her head around the case pretty quickly and was able to do very well. She is a very astute cross-examiner.”
Recent work: Acted as defence counsel on a matter involving an allegation of rape under the influence of alcohol/drugs.

John Hardy QC
Strengths: "A heavyweight intellectual barrister - super clever and a really eloquent advocate. The jury loved him."

Kevin Baumber
Strengths: "He is meticulous in his preparations. His written work is exemplary and his ability to out-think opponents is second to none. A first class tactician and advocate."

Luke Ponte
Strengths: "He can don the kid gloves and is able to deal brilliantly with clients who are very emotionally vulnerable."

Matthew Butt QC
Skilled criminal defence practitioner with additional experience of prosecution work. He undertakes a broad spectrum of criminal briefs, and has recently been instructed in cases ranging from domestic violence to rape. Butt is lauded for his experience working on serious criminal cases and for his expertise in firearms cases. He is also noted for his experience handling serious extradition cases.
Strengths: “A tenacious advocate who is very intelligent and has a commanding presence.” “Matthew is a man with a serious intellect and a brilliant lawyer, who is a first choice for complex and technical matters. Very proactive and easy to work with, he is also excellent on extradition and public law.”
Recent work: Instructed to represent the GLA and Mayor of London in an attempted private prosecution. The summons was dismissed as an abuse of process.

Michael Borrelli QC
Specialising in complex defence work, he has been party to some of the most high-profile criminal cases in recent times. He is particularly experienced in defending those charged with homicide offences that attract significant media attention. Borrelli also has experience of handling drug-related cases and misconduct in public office offences.
Strengths: “A robust cross-examiner" who "has real presence in court.”
Recent work: Acted as defence counsel for the accused in a case concerning a machete-gang attack in Oxford.

Michael Bromley-Martin QC
A first-class advocate who boasts vast experience across all areas of serious crime along with niche expertise in assisting police officers charged with criminal proceedings. He has a great deal of experience of handling serious criminal matters such as murder and burglary.
Strengths: “An exceptional jury advocate and a fearsome cross-examiner.” “He is excellent in a scrap and fantastic in cross-examination.”
Recent work: Defended Bradley Blundell who was charged with murdering an electrician who was gunned down in a row that started over comments about a woman.

Neil Saunders
A leading junior at the Criminal Bar who is extremely well respected by peers and solicitors alike and has been described as an "absolute star." He both prosecutes and defends all areas of serious crime and fraud, and was heavily involved in Operation Elveden. He is praised for his extremely persuasive advocacy and is greatly respected by the judiciary.
Strengths: “Neil Saunders has an unequalled practice as a leading junior and his knowledge of the law and presentation of legal arguments is universally respected by judges and fellow counsel alike.” “A polished and persuasive advocate.”
Recent work: Defended Stephen Higgins, who was alleged to have committed grievous bodily harm by using his car to inflict injury on a 70-year-old protestor at the US airbase outside Harrogate.

Nicholas Yeo
Strengths: "His advisory work is spectacular and he produces written work of highest quality. On his feet he's a really persuasive and diligent advocate, who is very careful in his approach and always pitches it just right."

Patrick Gibbs QC
Described as "really good-natured and an amazing communicator," Patrick Gibbs QC is one of the most highly regarded advocates across all areas of serious crime work. He has been instructed in some of the most significant cases in recent years, including Operation Elveden and the trial of Constance Briscoe. His attention to detail is praised for being "second to none."
Strengths: “A brilliant lawyer with a disarming manner, who is particularly adept at dealing with difficult clients.” “He is really good as an advocate; he has the fantastic ability to swallow details and understand what’s happening.”
Recent work: Acted as lead counsel for election agent Nathan Gray in the Crown Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court, who was charged with falsifying an election expenses claim. Gibbs achieved an acquittal for his client.

Richard Horwell QC
A former First Senior Treasury Counsel who is instructed in complex and high-profile cases. He has a practice rich in fraud, drugs, terrorism and sex cases, and has experience of representing the Crown in matters of national security. He is particularly noted for his strength in appeal work.
Strengths: “A very traditional and experienced trial advocate, who is wonderful to watch on his feet. It is a joy to sit behind him and watch the jury hang off his every word. He has them in the palm of his hand.” “A good choice if you're defending and need to pull out all the stops.”
Recent work: Appeared on behalf of the CPS in successfully securing a conviction against the murderers of a nanny, Sophie Lionnet.

Richard Wormald QC
Strengths: "An extremely robust advocate with a powerful presentational style. He is able to identify with unerring accuracy the key points in a case and then present them simply but convincingly to a jury."

Robert Morris
Strengths: "Probably one of the brightest barristers at the Bar. He is a superbly clever, well-organised barrister who goes to heart of matter and is usually two steps ahead of all the other barristers in the case."

Trevor Burke QC
Regularly advising high-profile individuals, he has a fantastic reputation as an all-round specialist in serious criminal matters. He has substantial experience of both publicly and privately funded work, and has undertaken cases from murder to drug trafficking, both domestically and internationally. Burke has been instructed in some of the most significant criminal investigations of recent years, including Operations Elveden and Pinetree. He has an excellent reputation amongst peers, who have praised him as a "very seasoned, proficient and smooth operator."
Strengths: “A tremendously versatile silk with a personable manner, who has provided astute advice in a number of cases.” “He is a fantastic jury advocate and a great brief.”
Recent work: Defended Darren McKie, a police officer accused of murdering his wife.

William Emlyn Jones
Junior barrister with experience of both prosecuting and defending criminal trials, who has a flourishing private practice. He has significant expertise in complex and high-profile murder trials, and also undertakes challenging terrorism work. Jones is highly regarded by peers, who have noted that he is "one of the best juniors at the Bar, both for prosecuting and defending."
Strengths: “An exemplary advocate, who is hard-working, conscientious and good on client care. He has a keen and ready understanding of the way instructing solicitors operate.”
Recent work: Prosecuted two teenagers in 'the highwaymen of the 21st century'. The defendants faced charges of murder, wounding with intent and robbery.