On May 18, 2017, Alexander Sitnikov, VEGAS LEX Managing Partner, participated in the RBC discussion, Lawmaking in the interests of business: cooperation with a plus sign, devoted to the real progress made and problems of development of business-government relations, new models for the development and implementation of programs to protect business interests, and foreign experience in this area.

Alexander Sitnikov emphasized the leading role of lawyers in ensuring effective dialogue and interaction between the regulator and the business.

On May 19, 2017, Alexandra Vasyukhnova, VEGAS LEX Partner, Head of Technology and Investment group, spoke at the FAS Russia discussion session named “Anti-monopoly regulation at Digital Technology Market”. She discussed the Big Data market regulation. Her presentation focused on the practice of resolving disputes between foreign companies and antimonopoly authorities. “In the future, the development of antimonopoly regulation in Big Data will be determined by how its owners’ behavior affects the markets and the competitive environment,” she said. “It is crucial to develop approaches that would promote the development of technologies for rapid collection and speedy processing of information and prevent potential violations of Russian antitrust laws (unfair competition, abuse of dominant position, conclusion of competition-restricting agreements).”


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