At the Firm, through the Urban and Real Estate practice team, we have provided our clients with turnkey consulting services for real estate developments with different uses, whether mixed, housing, commercial, tourism, among others, which are located in different parts of Mexico, such as Jalisco, Nayarit and Riviera Maya.

What does it consist of?

The Turnkey service is the scheme through which our Firm takes care of the legal issues that in urban and corporate matters are required before, during and after the execution of a real estate development, that is, from the legal analysis of the different properties options to their acquisition or contribution, through the obtaining of the authorizations and licenses from the competent authorities, and until the delivery of the resulting units to their purchasers.

What services are included?

It is necessary to mention that each real estate development has its own particularities, and therefore, it is essential to have a defined legal strategy where, among other points, each of the objectives in a timeline are contemplated; in that sense and subject to see the needs of each particular project, the Firm offers the following services under the Turnkey scheme.

Composed of the following 4 items:

1 Due Diligence: We assess the property where the real estate project will be carried out, among the issues to be analyzed are: i) the chain of ownership and to determine whether there is any history of social property, whether communal or ejido, ii) the registry and cadastral records and their compliance status, iii) the current and desired urban potential, as well as iv) the compatibility of the project with the applicable urban and administrative regulations.

2 Legal Structure: This section includes providing advice on structuring the legal framework in which the real estate business will be carried out, allowing interaction with all participants (i.e. contributors, partners, investors and end buyers). 

3 Urban Management: We provide legal advice and sponsorship to obtain the necessary Municipal, State and Federal authorizations for the correct execution of the work (i.e. Generation of Potentiality and Densification Studies, Land Use Report, Construction License, Habitability, Condominium Regime, Urban Compatibility, Urban Integration Program, among others).

4 Commercial - contractual phase: We provide the legal advice related to the preparatory contracts (pre-sale) inherent to the commercialization of the private units that make up the real estate development.

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