The Research Team

We appreciate the complexities being caused by COVID-19 and are working closely with firms and referees during these unprecedented times. We are also sensitive to the issues that many firms and businesses are facing and will continue to be flexible wherever possible. For that reason we have extended the deadline for submissions for the USA (23rd July) and Europe (17th June) guides. You can find more information here.

About the Chambers Research Team

Our research team in numbers:

• 200+ London-based researchers
• 20+ languages spoken
• 7+ years: average tenure of a Chambers editor

Chambers’ research team is unrivalled in its size, independence, global orientation and strong editorial guidance.

Our team of over 200 researchers conducts continuous, in-depth telephone research for all of our guides.

A structured, full-time permanent research team

Chambers’ team of over 200 researchers provides a wealth of knowledge, market insight and local and international perspectives for our guides.

Before they can begin interviewing, all researchers must undergo a week-long induction training to learn about the company, research process and markets that we cover. At the same time, each new researcher is paired with a senior researcher who acts as both a supervisor and a mentor for at least a year.

Strong editorial guidance and experience

The editorial team is the backbone of our research. Each editor is an expert on the markets they cover and offer authoritative commentary and guidance for each guide.

Editors manage and work in conjunction with deputy and assistant editors to ensure all research offers an impartial and comparative perspective.

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