The ranking data for Chambers Asia-Pacific 2021

Chambers Asia-Pacific Deputy Editor, James Watts, provides an insightful review of the ranking data for the latest edition of the guide and discusses future plans to expand Chambers legal coverage across Asia.

Published on 12 May 2021
Written by James Watts
James Watts

Legal ranking statistics for law firms and lawyers across Asia

At Chambers and Partners, we are always looking to expand our coverage of the legal market. The Chambers UK guide currently ranks approximately one in every fifteen lawyers active in the United Kingdom. With millions of lawyers active across the Asia-Pacific region and our rankings currently recognising a small elite fraction, we know there is significant room for us to grow our rankings and further enrich our coverage and continue to provide market leading rankings and editorial commentary on the top law firms and lawyers across the continent and asses their market position whilst at the same time, offering a view of the current state of the Asia-Pacific legal market.

A detailed look at the ranking data

The interactive graph below is a visual representation of the Chambers Asia-Pacific 2021 guide and our Asian law firm reviews and rankings. The colour shading of each of the countries represent the number of department rankings we have in each of the jurisdictions across the guide.

For a detailed analysis of each jurisdiction, hover your mouse over the respective location to discover the number of ranked departments across these jurisdictions. The dark shade of blue for China and Australia, and to a lesser extent, India, South Korea, and Japan, demonstrates that those jurisdictions are some of the most well developed in terms of our legal coverage of the top law firms.

As you would expect, we have notably fewer ranked firms in Mongolia and Afghanistan, as indicated in each of their respective colours.

The bubbles on this graph represent the number of lawyers we rank in the major cities across the region, with the size of the bubble providing an indication of the number of lawyer rankings in that location. Once again, you can hover your mouse over the bubble to discover the number of ranked lawyers in the guide in that city or use the search functionality to directly find a jurisdiction.

Legal insights for the leading financial cities in Asia

As you would expect, currently the lawyer rankings are clustered in major financial hubs across the region. With Singapore, Hong Kong and Beijing being recognised as key arbitration hubs globally; according to a recent report by the Financial Times, and as key economic centres in the region, it is unsurprising that we rank a higher proportion of lawyers in those markets, with the guide including over 769 individual lawyer rankings in Hong Kong, 711 lawyer rankings in Singapore and 461 lawyers reviewed, ranked and analysed in Beijing. Similarly, other major cities such as Sydney, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangkok, Jakarta, and Auckland also have a high number of lawyers ranked.

Expanding our coverage of the legal market across the Asia-Pacific region

While ensuring our coverage of these major legal hubs remains accurate is crucial to our success as a guide and as providers of legal research and analysis, we are aware that currently we have just scratched the surface in terms of reflecting the legal excellence across the Asia-Pacific region. A key aspect of our strategy going forward is to further expand our coverage outside of these key financial centres to add further depth and nuance to our coverage of the Asian legal market and subsequently add further value to our clients, the purchasers of legal services. This is one of our goals this year as we look forward to launching the latest edition of the Asia-Pacific guide in December 2021.

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