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Current View:

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Managing Partner: María Carolina Uribe
Senior Partners: Carlos Fernando Henao, Juan Bernardo Tascón
Number of partners: 3
Number of other lawyers: 16

María Carolina Uribe
Commercial: María Carolina Uribe
Real Estate: Carlos Fernando Henao
M&A: Carlos Fernando Henao
Compliance: María Carolina Uribe
Litigation & Dispute Resolution: Juan Bernardo Tascón
Labour & Employment: David Lopera
Insurance: Juan Bernardo Tascón

Firm Overview:
Coming from the corporate, real estate and litigation world, the partners joined in 2013 to create a law firm that integrates legal knowledge with close understanding of clients’ businesses. Understanding that relationships with different groups of interest are key to provide accurate legal solutions and to preserve business reputation, the firm has a particular ability to team up with professionals from different backgrounds to solve complex problems.
Despite its rather short existence, the firm has developed a strong position in Medellin.
UH Abogados is integrated by three partners, and a team of 16 qualified lawyers in different areas of practice.

Main Areas Of Practice:

Real Estate & Agribusiness:

Many of the most relevant promoters and developers of real estate projects in Medellin have entrusted the firm with the design and implementation of legal structures for their projects. The firm’s services range from coordinating due diligence over assets, drafting and negotiation of required agreements for the purchase of land, its development and the exploitation of the resulting units. The firm also helps clients negotiate their partnering agreements with investment trusts and other investors and implement the resulting structures.

The firm provides legal assistance to its clients in day-to-day issues, from the incorporation and operation of companies, to its winding up, as well as in establishing and enhancing their corporate governance practices. Also, the firm assist clients in complex transactions, including corporate restructuring, consolidations and financing, and in the preparation of M&A transactions, including the management of data rooms, performance of due diligence processes, and negotiation of different agreements that are required for the completion of M&A operations.

Clients receive permanent commercial counselling from the firm, in designing legal solutions considering the risks associated while ensuring the understanding of practical implications. The firm advises clients from different industries in the development of their businesses, by negotiating, drafting and closing different types of agreements and also provides legal advice in consumer protection and competition matters. The firm also advises clients in the design, implementation and monitoring of policies, programs and procedures that ensure internal and external regulatory compliance in topics such as the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, transnational bribery and protection of personal data, as well as in the implementation of procedures to measure their regulatory compliance and to identify existing risks.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution:
The firm’s attorneys are qualified to represent any individual or legal entity in conflicts of different nature: contracts and torts, class and collective actions; insurance claims and disputes, consumer, competition, labor and corporate matters. Some of the firm’s lawyers are listed as arbitrators before the Chamber of Commerce.

Labour & Employment:
The firm provides comprehensive legal advice in issues related to labour, including drafting employment contracts and special clauses, management of social security obligations, drafting of internal work regulations, and advice in labour disputes, as well as in the implementation of strategies that positively impact client's employees, by working with professionals from various specialties that include experts in recruitment, development, wellness and coaching.

The firm provides legal counsel in insurance matters, regarding the type of insurance policies its clients should take in order to properly cover risks associated to their industrial and business activity. The firm also represent clients in judicial and extrajudicial claims before different insurance companies, and the firm´s attorneys are experienced in representing insurance companies in terms of liability insurances, as well as property, casualties, life insurances, among others.

International Work:
In recent years, the firm has been involved in several cross-border transactions in corporate, M&A and commercial matters. This year, the firm has been advising Intertec Intenational in legal matters concerning their entrance to the Colombian market. Also, the firm is advising NuSierra in commercial, real estate property and labor matters. The firm continues providing legal advice to companies of the banana industry in the negotiation of a project for the construction of a seaport located in Urabá (Antioquia) with the participation of CMA, a global player from France.

English and Spanish.

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