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Many relevant promoters and developers of real estate have entrusted the firm with the design and implementation of the legal structure for their projects, given the firm’s experience, skills and reputation of providing high quality services and understanding of its client's specific needs and the market. The firm´s services focus on providing strategic transactional support and range from coordinating and conducting due diligence over assets, drafting and negotiating the required agreements for the purchase of land and real property, its development and the exploitation of the resulting units, as well as complying with legal formalities and required filings. The firm assists clients in negotiating the relevant agreements for the financing, development, construction and operation of real estate projects as well as implementing the resulting structures.

Clients in this practice area come from different economic sectors, including developers, investors, real estate funds, promoters, real estate managers, hotels and agribusiness companies, which develop housing, residential, retail, mixed-use and commercial projects, such as Constructora Colpatria, Londoño Gómez, Arquitectura & Concreto, TCC, Fondo Inmobiliario de Bancolombia, Almacenes Flamingo, Grupo Cartama, Insignia, Ménsula, Umbral, Acierto Consultores.


Henao, Carlos Fernando (Head of Department)

Uribe, Maria Carolina (Head of Department)

Henao Moreno, Carlos Fernando


Acierto Consultores S.A.S.

Arquitectura & Concreto S.A.S.

Constructora Colpatria S.A.

Flamingo S.A.

Fondo Inmobiliario de Bancolombia

Grupo Cartama

Insignia S.A.

Londoño Gómez S.A.S.

Mensula S.A.

TCC Inversiones S.A.S.

Umbral Propiedad Raiz S.A.S.




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