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Chairman: Meir Mizrahi, Adv.
Managing Partners: Dorit Binyamini, Adv. (CPA), Efrat Rossiansky, Adv., Efrat Solomon, Adv., Shay Berger, Adv., Shlomi Vaknin, Adv. (CPA), Tali Yehoshua, Adv., Yoni Cohen, Adv.
Number of partners: 8
Number of lawyers: 24
Languages: Hebrew, English, Arabic, French

Firm Overview:
Meir Mizrahi & Co. is one of Israel’s leading law firm in the field of taxation (Real-Estate taxation, income tax and VAT). The firm offers its clients full taxation consult from the stage of planning the transaction (tax advice and professional legal opinions) through representation in discussions with the tax authorities (tax assessments deliberations, tax administrative appeals proceedings, handling and managing appeal proceedings before the various Courts.)

Meir Mizrahi &Co. is characterized by its creativity and innovation, along with the conservatism required in the field of tax. The right balance between conservatism and the innovation that the firm regularly takes, benefits the clients greatly, who receive a full exhaustion of their rights in accordance with tax law, while maintaining the certainty and stability of the law.

Main Areas of Practice:

-Real Estate Taxation
-Income Tax
-Tax Litigation

Real Estate Taxation: 
The firm specializes in a variety of real estate transactions, handling all tax aspects to a variety of real estate transactions in which personal and individual consult is required. These include, combination deals, exchange transactions, TAMA 38 earthquake retrofit rights deals, purchase groups, sale of buildings and infrastructure, transferring land rights(the firm serves as an advisor to the Tel Aviv Municipality for the conservation plan), options, urban renewal, trusts, sale of apartments with ancillary building rights, amalgamating parcels of land and supporting projects for companies holding real-estate. The firm’s real estate tax department is headed by partners Efrat Rossiansky, Efrat Solomon and Yoni Cohen. The firm’s real estate tax department represents the Tel Aviv Municipality on the question of the mobility of building rights, enabling the White City Plan to preserve the city of Tel Aviv to come about and take shape. The department also represented the Municipality of Bat Yam regarding the city’s tax liability. An issue that could have been considered the ‘flooding of the gates for the entire issue of tax assessments in Israel.
Additional clients the firm’s real estate department represented and won Court verdicts in favor of the clients are:
■ Aura Israel Entrepreneurship & Investments (case number 20861-09-16 Aura Investments Ltd. v. the Hadera Real Estate Tax Authority) in which the firm was the first to address the issue of taxing expenses for development and won the District Court ruling
■ Gilboa Energy Pumped Storage (case number 13776- 10-16, Kibbutz Ma’ale Gilboa, Bnei Akiva Cooperative Agricultural Settlement Group Ltd. v. Tiberias Real Estate Tax Authority) where the firm consulted, regarding purchase tax aspects related to leasing lands for a variety of pumped energy projects
■ Acro Real Estate Ltd. (case number 7235/19 Acro Real Estate Ltd.) A Supreme Court verdict received in favor of the client, which establishes a tax principle in the field of purchasing groups
■ S. Stein (case number 52894-03-17) A District Court verdict received in favor of the client on the matter of tax exemption in the sale of a residential apartment

Income Tax:
The income tax department advises on a variety of income tax issues with an emphasis on the interface point between the Income Tax Ordinance and the Real Estate Law: taxation of income gains, the betterment/ capital gain tax as a down payment for the income tax, the layout of profit and/or betterment tax to, individuals and spouses, whether they be Israeli residents or foreign residents. Counsel and representation regarding offsetting losses from income and betterment in the sale of real estate, depreciation- including depreciation for renting and/or sale of apartments with regard to the impact it has on the tax calculation for the sale of a residential apartment entitled to the beneficiary tax rate due to the reform, taxation of home companies, taxation of family companies, taxation of real estate associations and for actions in real estate associations, including, allocation of shares, sale of shares, acquisition of shares in the association, mergers and splits, the Encouraging Capital Investments (Construction for Rent Law), and more. The firm’s income tax department is headed by Dorit Binyamini, Adv. (CPA) and Lior Ratzon, Adv. (CPA), both former Tax Authority Officials. The firm’s income tax department also handles all tax issues related to the Trans-Israel Highway project.

The firm’s VAT department is headed by Adv. Shai Berger (former head of the VAT professional department at the Israel Tax Authority) and Attorney (CPA) Shlomi Vaknin (former deputy head of the VAT professional department at the Israel Tax Authority). The department provides legal advice for VAT issues, including preparation and tax planning in transactions and projects, obtaining Preliminary approvals from the Tax Authorities (Pre-Ruling), issuing professional legal opinions, providing comments to agreements in relation to the tax aspects they present, representation opposite the Tax Authority in tax assessments deliberations and administrative appeal proceedings, as well as representation in VAT appeals before the various Courts. The firm’s VAT department represents the Israeli Water Corporation providing VAT counsel to Israel’s water corporations, as well as the Israel Travel Agents Association in providing consult on the question of cancelling the VAT charge for the purchase of airline tickets.

The firm operates a highly professional and skilled litigation department that provides professional representation guidance and advice at all stages of the legal proceedings before the various committees, appeal tribunals, district courts, and up to the Supreme Court on matters concerning real estate tax, capital gain tax, VAT, income tax and rezoning levies. The department is headed by Adv. Tali Yehoshua. The firm provides advice and represents clients on matters related to the expansion of kibbutzim and moshavim (cooperative Israeli settlements) for obtaining the lowest tax rate possible for that expansion.

The firm’s clients include some of israel’s largest and most prestigious companies and organizations; such as Shikun & Binui, Azorim, Migdal Insurance Company, Phoenix Insurance Company, Tel Aviv Municipality, Ashdod Municipality, Gazit Globe, Acro Real Estate, Big Shopping Center Group, Africa Israel Residences, Shafir, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Trans-Israel Highway, Israel Airports Authority, Mizrahi Tefahot Bank and more.

The firm serves as a tax advisor to the Tel Aviv Contractors Association and the Israel Real Estate Assessors Association.