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Chairman/CEO: Tim Maltin

Number of employees: 30

Languages:Danish, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi

Overview & History:

Based in the heart of legal London, for over a decade Maltin PR has handled a range of national and international, high-profile, complex and sensitive litigation support campaigns.

This award-winning firm handles the PR and litigation support aspects of many of the largest cases in the international commercial courts. Recent examples include a £200m litigation against one of the largest banks in the world, the repatriation of funds in a $300m international fraud, a $1.25bn commercial court claim arising from international sanctions, and a politically charged litigation over the return of $2bn in gold.

Maltin PR provides clients with a wide range of PR and litigation support services in order to assist them in delivering their strategic aims throughout litigation. They successfully control narratives, protect reputations and conduct targeted media campaigns on a variety of multi-jurisdictional litigations, including those involving international banks, group actions, regulatory and financial prosecutions, and disputes involving high-profile individuals and international corporates.

Maltin PR also has a strong track-record of promoting group actions, and handling the PR around group action litigations. In particular, the firm is expert in developing case studies from among the claimant group and packaging these for the national press and broadcast media.

The firm works effectively to deliver clients’ PR objectives through all stages of the litigation process, working closely with leading solicitors and counsel throughout to facilitate a joined-up strategic approach to litigations. In doing so, it supports clients’ overall legal strategies as well as ultimate communications objectives, ensuring that the bigger picture is not missed in the trenches of the litigation. Working with publicly available documents such as your particulars of claim, the Firm shapes narratives from the outset and assists with both investigations and evidence gathering. Maltin PR works closely with key journalists, providing them with background briefings and the tools to report on the latest developments in complex and high-value commercial disputes.

The firm maximises exposure where beneficial to clients’ objectives but also ensures that press interest is kept to a minimum when this is desirable. It also assists journalists in focussing on clients’ key themes, mitigating the impact of the other side’s press briefings.

Maltin PR secures results quickly and relishes being brought into complex projects, including those which require lateral thinking and a long-term, strategic approach. The firm is also highly experienced in working with corporate investigation firms, assisting in preparing the strategy, identifying key areas for investigation and promoting the results.

Additional Services:

Litigation Support:

■ Litigation reputation risk assessment

■ Media advice on draft pleadings

■ Book-building PR for group action litigations

■ Settlement PR

Reputation Management:

The firm’s reputation management team works closely with high net worth individuals and corporates to protect their reputations, mitigating risks and ensuring public focus on the clients’ narratives. The team is also experienced in rehabilitating damaged reputations through carefully managed strategies, including thought leadership campaigns.

Crisis Communication:

Corporates and individuals sometimes become embroiled in media storms. Clients’ reputations can suddenly be on the line, and often for things which they did not cause, and sometimes about which they were not aware until the story broke. Maltin PR help their clients to execute effective strategies to recover their global reputations and get their side of the story heard.

Legal PR:

Maltin PR also supports the PR needs of law firms, utilising their wide range of contacts in the international and national media, and in the legal and other sector-specific trade press. The firm’s legal clients include full-service international law firms, as well as several of the leading boutique law firms and barristers’ chambers. Maltin PR positions and promotes law firms and key fee earners, raising their profiles to further build and maintain the reputation and profile of the firm or set.

Law Firm Design:

Maltin PR’s in-house design studio develops the branding and websites for leading law firms, including websites for group action litigations.

Clients Include:

Quinn Emanuel, Hogan Lovells, Slater and Gordon, Simkins, Signature Litigation, Hughes Fowler Carruthers, Quillon Law, Harbour Litigation Funding, Asertis Litigation Funding, Serle Court.


Chief Executive: Tim Maltin

Email: [email protected]

Litigation PR: Arthur Maltin

Email: [email protected]

Reputation Management: James Lynch

Email: [email protected]

Legal PR: Fenella Maudslay

Email: [email protected]


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