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Lorente & Lopez Abogados

Buenos Aires Office

Current View:

This content is provided by Lorente & Lopez Abogados.

Managing Partner: Diego Fernando López Ugolini and Ariel Alejandro Di Bártolo
Partners: Javier A Lorente, Diego Fernando López Ugolini, Ariel Alejandro Di Bártolo, Mariana S. Russo and Martin Rozental
Number of partners: 5
Number of other lawyers: 15
Languages: English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Firm Overview:
Founded by legendary insolvency and restructuring lawyer Jorge López and Javier A Lorente, Lorente & López Abogados is among the best law firms in Argentina, specialized in debt restructuring and litigation, dispute resolutions and corporate matters, among others. Each of the partners have strong credentials relating to court proceedings and corporate matters. Being a medium size law firm, it provides a personal attention to clients, with great involvement of the partners in every case the firm handles.

Main Areas of Practice:  

Insolvency, Debt Restructuring & Dispute Resolution:
The firm has handled some of the most important bankruptcy and debt restructuring cases in Argentina (i.e. Sociedad Comercial del Plata S.A., Supercanal Holding S.A., Peñaflor S.A., Multicanal, Correo Argentino, Grupo RHUO, Refinadora Neuquina, Tipoiti, Italcred, Necxus, among others). It has represented both debtors and local and foreign creditors in these procedures. The firm has also been involved in bondholders’ debt restructurings being the pioneers in this kind of insolvency procedures. On occasions, the firm has represented the insolvency trustee appointed in all kinds of insolvency proceedings.

Corporate & M&A:
The firm handles the day to day of several companies listed and not listed (i.e. UBER B.V., Akiabara, Bionexo, among others). It provides a full counselling in the creation, development and liquidation of companies in Argentina finding the most efficient solutions to the client’s needs. It prepares international structures to comply with local regulations. The firm assists national and international clients not only in cross border acquisitions, but also in investments and joint ventures. The firm has participated in numerous M&A transactions involving private acquisitions and listed companies (i.e. Caro Cuore, Galileo, Stein Ferroaleaciones, Zumos Argentinos, Fiplasto, among others).

Real Estate:
The firm advises its clients in structuring and financing real estate projects and developments, leasing negotiations, real estate titles due diligence and review. Our expertise also covers acquisitions of rural and urban properties.

International Work:
Javier Lorente has participated in several cases as expert witness in cross border insolvency cases under the US Bankruptcy Code. The firm participated in several cross border M&A representing buyers and sellers (i.e. USA, Spain, Poland, and Italy). It has also participated in international loan agreements, distribution agreements and franchising agreements, among others.

Muresco S.A., Supercanal Holding S.A., Blackburn Technologies LLC, Tipoiti, Cabelma, Tata Consultancy Services, SOCMA, Uber B.V., Properati, Pago46, Vacavaliente, Ingenieria Gastronómica, Necxus, Emilio Alal S.A., Grupo MAS Energía, Sancor Seguros, Prevención ART, Bionexo, Alumini S.A., Instituto de Seguros S.A., Nevares, BW Group, Grupo Uno Medios, Akiabara, Colortex S.A., Challenger Management Limited, Gourmand Food Hall, Costruzioni Meccaniche Luigi Bandera SPA, Vicunha Argentina S.A., Grupo Ezentis, Cristamine S.A., Harrods Buenos Aires, Impresora Internacional de Valores S.A., Bodegas y Viñedos Orfila S.A., Aquanima (Grupo Santander), Rosa Negra, Hudson Park Desarrollo Inmobiliario.