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Managing Partners: H R Lim A Po, Marja I Vos
Associates: Ruby C A Bleau, Sharon W Wattien, Reshmie V Mahabir, Natasha Salarbaks, A A N Codrington, Seema P Doelam, P S Eshni Sewdien, A Karg, Graciella Meiland
Languages:Dutch, English

Firm Overview:
Advocatenkantoor Lim A Po was established in 1937, and is currently the oldest, largest and most prestigious law firm in Suriname. The firm is widely considered the first port of entry for potential foreign investors who intend to make investments or perform business activities in Suriname.
Through the years, the firm has been involved in a substantial part of the major business transactions in Suriname. The firm’s clients include some of the world’s prominent institutions and organisations.
The firm is a member of the World Services Group, representing more than 120 jurisdictions worldwide, and henceforth increased its ability to handle cross-border work and service international clients.

Main Areas of Practice:


The firm has extensive expertise in aviation, and has been involved in many of aspects of the aviation industry in Suriname, including regulatory matters, finance and lease of aircraft, and the settlement of insurance claims.

Banking, Finance & Insurance:
The firm represents a substantial part of the banking, finance and insurance industry in Suriname, and is frequently sought to render opinion in favour of international banks and financial and insurance institutions in relation to contemplated cross-border transactions.

Natural Resources:
The firm represents a substantial part of the international companies involved in the mining and refinery of natural resources in Suriname (e.g. gold, bauxite and oil), and advises on a wide range of issues, including exploration an exploitation rights, third-party rights and rights of indigenous communities.

The firm has advised in all privatisation procedures of Suriname State owned companies or institutions that have embarked on in the last decade, thereby representing either the State or the international bidding company.

The firm has extensive expertise in telecommunications, and advises on a wide variety of aspects of the industry, including the ongoing liberalisation of the Suriname telecom market.

Trademarks & Intellectual Property:
The firm has extensive expertise in handling all kinds of intellectual property matters, including complex court actions to enforce intellectual property rights and to combat counterfeit. The firm is the Leading Associate for Brandstock’s exclusive Alliance of Leading Associates.

Caribbean Integration (CSME):
The firm has conducted several proceedings before the CCJ in its original jurisdiction, and regularly advises on matters under the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas.