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Indianapolis Office

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Number of partners: 12
Number of lawyers: 19
Languages: English

Firm Overview:
Located in Indianapolis, Hoover Hull Turner’s focus is the litigation of complex business cases that demand skilled trial and appellate counsel. Founded in 2015, and small by design, the firm is home to talented litigators who have earned a reputation as fair but determined advocates for clients across a wide variety of industries. Hoover Hull Turner lawyers work quickly to learn the issues that matter to their clients’ businesses, so that they can provide counsel that best serves those clients’ specific goals. The firm’s clients range from Fortune 50 companies to closely held businesses and individual entrepreneurs. A number of Midwest law firms turn to Hoover Hull Turner to defend their lawyers against professional negligence and disciplinary claims. Colleagues at other firms also refer their own clients to Hoover Hull Turner on matters that call for an experienced team capable of solving complicated problems and trying a case when a negotiated resolution is not an option.

Main Areas of Practice:
Business Ownership & Management Disputes
Complex Commercial Litigation
Employment & ERISA
Government & Utilities
Health Care
Manufacturing & Supply Chain
Professional Liability & Licensing
Unfair Competition & Trade Secrets
White-Collar Criminal Defense

The firm’s appellate work is a natural outgrowth of its trial practice. The firm frequently briefs and argues cases before the Indiana Supreme Court, Indiana Court of Appeals, and United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. In addition to handling appeals arising from its own trial work, the firm is regularly hired to handle appeals for amicus parties or for other firms with less appellate experience.

Business Ownership & Management Disputes:
The firm provides counsel to businesses, large and small, in disputes over ownership and control, the conduct of officers, directors, and entity managers, and claims that fiduciary duties were breached or other torts were committed. Where possible, the firm employs creative problem-solving strategies, such as negotiated buyouts, to end disputes. If a deal cannot be reached, the firm is prepared to obtain a resolution in court.

Complex Commercial Litigation:
Hoover Hull Turner’s core mission is to provide effective counsel to business clients facing formidable foes in court. Its collective experience in substantial, complex cases is uncommon for a firm its size. Clients rely on that experience to help obtain the best result possible under the circumstances — whether in trial, on appeal, or through negotiation.

Employment & ERISA:
The firm advises and defends clients on employment law and employee-benefits issues. The firm’s goal is, first, to prevent claims against its clients by counselling them on compliance with federal and state law. When necessary, the firm also defends its clients in court and before administrative agencies.

Government & Utilities:
Hoover Hull Turner lawyers frequently appear in cases arising out of public contracts, matters that concern local and state regulatory issues, and appeals that affect the law governing Indiana public utilities.

Health Care:
The firm’s health care clients include hospitals, physicians, nurses, practice groups, clinics, and assisted living and long-term care facilities. Firm lawyers represent clients in matters involving the Indiana Department of Insurance, Indiana Medical Licensing Board, Indiana Board of Pharmacy, Indiana Attorney General, and United States Department of Justice.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain:
Hoover Hull Turner represents manufacturers and logistics providers engaged in disputes with suppliers and customers, and vice versa. The firm has a significant depth of experience in matters arising under the Uniform Commercial Code, and trying those issues both in court and before arbitrators.

Professional Liability & Licensing:
The firm often is called upon by its peers to defend lawyers against professional negligence claims or respond to complaints filed with the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission. The firm’s professional liability and licensing practice also extends to physicians, accountants, and other professionals facing negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, disciplinary or licensing, and other claims.

Unfair Competition & Trade Secrets:
The firm represents companies in cases concerning covenants not to compete, the misappropriation of trade secrets, unfair competition, and intellectual property infringement. When emergencies arise, the firm is adept at helping clients seek injunctive relief.

White-Collar Criminal Defense:
The firm represents corporations and individuals facing white-collar criminal prosecutions or other regulatory investigations. Its defense work includes environmental claims, securities fraud, false claims, kick-back schemes, commercial bribery, embezzlement, RICO, insurance fraud, and bank fraud.