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Paris Office

Current View:

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Senior Managing Partners: Gérard Honig and Simon Ndiaye
Number of lawyers associates: 29
Number of Partners: 8
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Firm Overview:
Established in 2006, HMN & Partners brings together 37 lawyers sharing the spirit of team work and collective performance. In France and abroad, HMN & Partners accompanies and advises insurance firms, industrial corporations and service companies in various fields such as aviation and space, complex litigation and group actions, arbitration, insurance and reinsurance, industrial risk and product liability, life sciences, financial lines, cyber risk, company risk, criminal business law, construction and property, tourism and travel, and maritime and land transport. The multilingual teams of lawyers are dedicated to contractual negotiation, national and international litigation and pooling knowledge of legal and judicial structures in French and foreign jurisdictions. The firm relies on its high-quality international network of lawyers and experts, thus ensuring reactivity and global strategic approach to clients’ requirements.

Main Areas of Practice:

HMN & Partners has developed a significant and recognised practice in national and international arbitration both in institutional matters and in ad hoc arbitration and mediation. Some of its partners are arbitrators and mediators for the International Chamber of Commerce.

HMN & Partners has developed a recognised competence in aeronautics and aerospace law. Highly specialised, dynamic and passionate, this legal team provides its clients (constructors, equipment manufacturers, air navigation organisms/agencies, airport services, travel agencies, owners of business airplanes, etc.) experience and expertise corresponding to their needs, with an efficient and personalised service.

Construction – Property:
Specialists in this field for many years, HMN & Partners has acquired a high level of competence in advising, assisting and defending clients in matters relating to damages in construction projects. This dedicated team also assists, advises and defends its clients on matters relating to property.

Corporate Risks:
HMN & Partners has developed a particular expertise in litigation related to business disputes and in contractual negotiations. Dynamic and creative, the firm works with companies in developing the best anticipation strategy for their needs. Mastering procedures and methods of proof the firm assists its clients in French and international situations.

Cyber risks:
With the emergence of new threats to the security of computer systems, HMN & Partners has developed its reputation as experts in cyber risks and innovative technology law for insurers and companies. The team of specialist lawyers assists its clients in the strategic management of litigation and claims, together with recognised technical experts in a field that is constantly evolving. In addition, HMN & Partners advises and assists clients in developing their projects and drafting insurance policies and contracts relating to technologies.

Environmental Risks:
HMN & Partners has developed a department dedicated to environmental risk and regularly assists its clients in France and other countries. Its dynamic, proactive and reactive team assists its clients not only in providing advice but also acting in litigation with particular attention in areas such as harm to biodiversity, pollution of natural areas, soil contamination and sewerage systems, waste management and nuclear power, and renewable energies.

Financial Lines:
HMN & Partners has a reputation for competence in financial lines, in particular with regard to executive liability, commercial and banking fraud, and criminal business law. With its solid experience, the firm acts for insurers in claims management in France and in other countries and assists with the drafting of their policies. HMN & Partners regularly contributes to conferences, reference manuals, and training programmes in this field.

Industrial risk/Product liability/Damages:
Thanks to its recognised expertise in this field, HMN & Partners assists and advises its clients through every phase in pre-litigation and litigation on industrial risk for small and medium enterprises and for major corporations in France and other countries. The firm has developed a substantial and efficient practice in crisis management and in the coordination and management of major disasters and mass claims which require specific and appropriate skills.

Insurance and reinsurance:
HMN & Partners has developed a significant and well known competence in insurance law. This team of seasoned and reactive lawyers is involved on all issues of the insurance sector, both in advice, drafting and analysing policies, and in insurance management through prudential regulations, audits and relations with the regulatory authorities. HMN & Partners also assists and advises reinsurers, retrocessionnaires and captives throughout the exercise of their activity.

Life sciences:
HMN & Partners has developed a substantial and recognised expertise in the sector of life sciences. The specialised team of lawyers, responsive and human, provides legal assistance on product liability, medical malpractice, and compensation for bodily injury. Together with insurers, HMN & Partners provides legal counsel for various actors in the healthcare sector on a wide range of issues: health products manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies, institutions and health professionals.

Marine & transportation:
HMN & Partners has developed a significant expertise in litigation and arbitration in land and maritime transport. The firm assists its clients in contracts and litigation in all matters relating to domestic and international transport of merchandise, including logistics and related issues. HMN & Partners provides transport operators, cargo interests and insurance companies, with a dedicated and experienced team.

Special risks:
HMN & Partners have developed high level expertise in the field of special risks. This legal team offers its solid experience and assists its clients in handling major disasters claims. The firm also assists insurers in drafting and reviewing insurance policies in this technical area which is commonly affected by shortterm events, such the recent health crisis.

Tourism and travel law – Hotel industry:
HMN & Partners assists and advises key players in the tourism sector (travel agencies, tour operators, etc.) and the hotel industry. This experienced and pragmatic team serves its clients in defining together the best strategies and assisting with disputes that are often sensitive, in France and in other countries.