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HMN & Partners

Current View:

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Senior Managing Partner: Gérard Honig
Number of lawyers: 30
Number of partners: 7
Number of associates: 23
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish

Firm Overview:
HMN & Partners was formed in 2006 by three former partners of Clyde & Co: Gérard Honig, Bernard Mettetal and Simon Ndiaye. From 2010 to 2014, further partners have joined the team: Sarah Xerri-Hanote, Juliette Vogel, Christophe Wucher-North and Vladimir Rostan d’Ancezune. The firm provides high level assistance to its clients in specific areas: insurance and reinsurance, product liability, aviation, life science and medical malpractice and criminal law. Having a wide knowledge of its clients and deep understanding of their business, HMN & Partners provides them with high quality legal services taking into account their specific needs. The partners of the firm and their teams have been involved in wide range of high profile and politically sensitive cases both in civil law and common law jurisdictions.

Main Areas of Practice: 

-International Litigation
-Aviation & Space
-Cyber Risks
-Directors & Officers Liability Insurance
-Environmental Risks
-Insurance & Reinsurance
-Industrial Risks
-Life Science & Medical Malpractice
-Marine & Transportation
-Tourism & Travel
-Special Risks/Commercial Risks

HMN has an extensive experience in conducting international arbitral proceedings. The firm acts for major companies around the world in this area for industrials, insurers as well as states. HMN deals with most of the major international arbitral institutions and rules. Gérard Honig and Bernard Mettetal have been appointed as arbitrators in major disputes.

Aviation & Space:
The firm specialises in representing aircraft manufacturers. HMN's aviation department has been involved in the major aircraft accidents and incidents in the past 30 years.

Commercial Risks:
HMN has also a strong and well established experience in this area such as professional liability, D&O liability, fraud, employment practice liability, kidnap and ransom, cyber risk and pension trust liability. The firm has worked for French and international major insurers for many years.

The firm is one of the major law firms in France providing high level of legal services to constructors, material suppliers and their insurers.

HMN is instructed in high profile cases involving foreign and French companies. The firm deep expertise is this area is recognised and known for providing strategic, sensible and practical criminal law advice and defence.

Cyber Risk:
With the emergence of new threats affecting the IT systems, HMN & Partners developed expertise in the field of cyber risks. The firm helps and assists insurers and businesses in handling claims and drafting insurance policies and agreements in this specific area subject to constant evolution of technologies.

HMN & Partners has a broad and significant expertise across the environment sector and environmental liabilities (i.e. administrative, civil and criminal liabilities). HMN's environment team also assists its clients in insurance policy wording and contributes to Academic discussions, notably in the environmental area.

Industry & Services:
The firm advises industry and services in putting on the insurance and reinsurance mechanisms. It is one of the few law firms with significant experience in this area.

Insurance Insolvency:
The firm has been instructed in the major insurance insolvency cases. HMN advises insurance insolvency trustees and insurers on insolvency process and related reinsurance issues and provides assistance. Specifically, the firm also assists creditors of insolvent insurance companies on the proposed scheme of arrangements.

HMN is the major player in this area in France. It is instructed by French, London and US markets to handle major disputes abroad. The firm is listed as the leading legal services provider. The team has deep understanding of the insurance markets and the applicable regulatory rules over numerous jurisdictions.

Life Science & Medical Malpractice:
HMN has a dedicated team for life science and medical malpractice. The firm is instructed in domestic and international litigation (including major class actions) and arbitration in the field of health products liability and also in litigation relating to medical malpractice. HMN provides also high level of legal advices.

Marine & Transportation:
HMN also has expertise in marine and transportation law, in particular, in matters involving contracts of carriage of goods and charter parties. As far as inland transportation matters are concerned, HMN deals with disputes relating to liability of carriers and freight forwarders, in particular, in cases subject to the CMR Convention on international carriage of goods by road.

Product Liability:
The firm is one of the leading French firms in product liability and is representing in this area a number of the major industrial companies, manufacturers and the insurance market. The firm provides advice and defence of all product-related claims, class actions, mass tort proceedings, product recalls and regulatory investigations.

HMN is one of the very few French firms practicing reinsurance. Its lawyers have been involved in the major disputes concerning reinsurance in the last few years and some of them worked as reinsurers in former positions.

International Work:
The team at HMN & Partners is multilingual and has important experience enabling it to work with all major jurisdictions through the world. HMN has a cooperative working relationship with law firms throughout the world that share its reputation for excellence and its cost-effective approach.