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Managing Partner: H James Hartley
Number of partners: 4 Number of other lawyers: 1

Firm Overview:
Hartley Michon Robb LLP concentrates in executive advocacy, employment law and litigation and was founded by some of the nation’s most accomplished attorneys in these fields. The attorneys of Hartley Michon Robb provide counseling, negotiation and litigation services to executives and professionals, as well as to corporate clients in a broad range of industries. The firm serves its clients in a variety of ways: as retained advisors, in negotiations and mediation, before government agencies, in independent and industry arbitration and in federal and state trial and appellate courts. The core of Hartley Michon Robb’s practice is protecting the interests of their clients and advocating for those clients’ rights. Effective representation and successful advocacy can take many forms, which is why the firm offers three core services: counseling, negotiation and litigation. Clients draw from one or multiple service areas to maximize options and obtain favorable results. Hartley Michon Robb’s transactional lawyers provide benchmarking and sophisticated analysis showing that the clients’ interests are aligned with those of shareholders, while the firm’s experienced trial lawyers have the strategic acumen and resources necessary to achieve success. Hartley Michon Robb’s track record in the courtroom and before regulatory bodies often spurs resolution before disputes reach the litigation stage of the process. The firm’s seasoned team of trial lawyers zealously pursues and protects their clients’ rights and interests, and has secured several precedent-setting decisions, particularly in the areas of executive advocacy and workplace discrimination.

Main Areas of Practice:  

Employment Law & Litigation:
Hartley Michon Robb’s attorneys are nationally recognized as leaders in the field of employment law and litigation. The firm’s partners have been at the forefront of developing the law — literally writing the books upon which other attorneys rely and bringing cutting-edge cases that have re-written how discrimination claims are handled. Their unparalleled experience and understanding of the nuances of these laws gives the firm’s individual and corporate clients a tremendous advantage in conflict resolution.
This Area of Practice Includes: Breach of contract claims; discrimination claims; sexual harassment claims; maternity and pregnancy claims; reasonable accommodation claims; wrongful termination claims; whistleblower, Sarbanes-Oxley, and Dodd-Frank claims; Family and Medical Leave Act claims; non-competition and non-solicitation disputes; compensation claims; workplace misconduct investigations and representation; and expert advice on equitable resolution of workplace disputes.

Executive & Professional Advocacy:
Hartley Michon Robb’s attorneys pioneered the area of executive advocacy, a practice that focuses on the unique legal needs of executive level and professional individuals, and offers them a powerful combination of sophisticated transactional services and aggressive, effective trial capabilities. The firm’s attorneys bring the experience and savvy needed to handle complex employment matters with finesse. They understand the underlying business issues, and often provide behind-the-scenes counsel to help clients obtain preemptive business solutions for what might otherwise become future legal problems.
This Area of Practice Includes:
Change-of-control and severance protections; defense of employment when termination has been threatened, including corporate founders being forced out; assisting executives and partners of firms in transition; protection of incentive compensation arrangements; defeat of overbroad non-competition agreements and other career restrictions; employment issues of expatriated executives and professionals, domestically and abroad; contractual protections for both long-term and newly hired executives.

Mediation & Arbitration:
Hartley Michon Robb represents both employees and employers in binding and alternative dispute resolution efforts in a variety of employment disputes, including at AAA and JAMS, obtaining six and seven figure resolutions on behalf of their clients.

Due to confidentiality concerns, Hartley Michon Robb cannot share the names of its specific clients. The firm’s individual and executive clients come from a wide range of industries, including, financial and other professional services, information technology, medical, broadcasting, energy, manufacturing, and professional sports.