Current View:

This content is provided by Cabinet D'Avocats Fatouma Mahamoud.

Managing Partner: Fatouma Mahamoud
Jurists: Nawel Sebki, Farha Yacin Abdi
Legal Assistant: Saada Ahmed Youssouf
Law Clerk: Abdoulgani Abdoul-fatah Djama
Languages: French, English, Arabic

Firm Overview:
Founded in 1998 by Fatouma Mahamoud Hassan, Cabinet Mahamoud is a Djibouti-based law firm specialising in both business and corporate law and in personal and property law. Cabinet Mahamoud is a true partner of the company in all stages of its development. The firm has extensive expertise in the resolution of commercial disputes; both for those arising from trade debts between companies and for those between a bank and its client. For the private individuals, Cabinet Mahamoud provides its expertise and support at each stage of legal proceedings requiring the defense of their interests. The firm is a team of lawyers and consultants with proven expertise who provide clients with the best legal assistance. The experience of this team gives them a great knowledge of the procedural aspects, which allows them to assist and intervene before civil, and criminal courts. Due to the multiplicity, diversity and complexity of the cases in which it has been involved for 20 years and the international expertise of its staff, Cabinet Mahamoud is a partner of choice for foreign companies seeking to ensure the best representation of their interests in Djibouti In order to facilitate the daily life of companies and private individuals who request its services, the Firm sets up an assistance service that takes care of all their needs and supports them according to methods adapted to their needs and to the complexity of the cases entrusted to it. The Cabinet Mahamoud firm intervenes in several areas, both in criminal and civil matters as well as in administrative law applicable in the Republic of Djibouti.

Main Areas of Practice:
Business & Corporate Law:

■ A partner in the creation of companies (drafting of articles of association, contracts, etc.)
■ Negotiation and preparation of shareholders’ agreements
■ Conflictual commercial relationship
■ Shareholder disputes
■ Assistance before all Djiboutian jurisdictions
■ Administrative representation before public and private institutions
■ Consulting & assistance
■ Audit & orientation

Personal & Property Law:
■ Civil law
■ Labour law
■ Family law
■ Criminal law
■ Commercial law
■ Banking law

Value of the firm:
■ Efficiency and a rigorous approach are the motto of our team in the accomplishment of their missions. A team determined to implement the appropriate means to offer a quality service that meets the expectations of its customers
■ Available and responsive, Cabinet Mahamoud is the perfect partner to carry out your projects.

Firm Partner Networking:
■ Member of the National Commission of Human Right (since 2015)
■ Member and General Secretary of Able Network – also called Club of 54 (since 2017)
■ Former President of the Bar in Djibouti (Dec 2007 – Dec 2011)
■ Former Member of the Council of Order of the Bar in Djibouti (Nov.2003-Dec 2011)
■ Former Member of the Constitutional Council of Djibouti (since September 2005 - 2014)