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Managing Partner: Gary McAteer
Number of solicitors: 10

The Firm: Beltrami & Co Ltd was founded over 60 years ago. It is by far the foremost criminal law firm in Scotland. It operates from Glasgow, but represents clients in all courts across Scotland. Led by Gary McAteer, who has been with the firm for 37 years, and Murray Macara – now a consultant – who is 47 years in.

Principal Areas of Work: Having been solely a criminal firm for the first 30 years, the latter 30 years have meant adapting to the broader needs of clients. Accordingly the firm does ‘joined up’ legal advice. It has expert advisors in all areas which are likely to impact on someone facing the most challenging situations. This means assessing the situation, the possible impact and fixing it.

Clients: This firm has acted for celebrities; famous sports stars; the judiciary; all of the professions (including prosecutors; legal practitioners; those in medicine, teaching, nursing, social work; and the police); government officials; pop stars; footballers; international corporations and institutions; university students; oil companies. The firm is discreet and does not name clients, unless the case is already widely publicised – and that’s often to get the client’s version out. Without naming, the firm can say that in the last year it acted for an eastern government official; an international football star; a New York rap star; an oil company; the longest existing murder mystery case in Scotland dating back 40 years; parties involved in the Edinburgh tram inquiry; and those involved in the ‘Rangers case’. In its history the firm has been instructed in excess of 500 murder cases and several thousand rape cases. In recent years the firm has been involved in many high profile cases in emerging areas of law – such as the complex over-fishing cases; MTIC fraud; and health and safety prosecutions.

International: The firm frequently act for foreign individuals and corporations and has been instructed by several government embassies and consuls. The firm has represented individuals from in excess of 100 countries; across all continents (bar Antarctica… so far).

Recruitment: The firm believes in home-grown excellence. The firm’s policy on recruitment is strict: only the best are invited to join this firm. The lawyers must demonstrate a natural appetite to win. Sounds simple.