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Aroca Vives Abogados

Barranquilla Office

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Firm Details

Managing Partner Felipe Aroca

Partners Laura Vives

Number of associates 13

Languages English and Spanish

Firm Overview

Aroca Vives Abogados was founded in 2018, with the contribution and legal experience of more than 20 years of its founding partners in the tax, corporate and labor areas.

It currently has more than 200 clients, including private sector and mixed economy companies, national and foreign investors and their families

Our firm has built a solid reputation in the legal practice, consolidated with multiple successful cases and a continuous and constant growth. It also has an extensive network of international services providers that support to advise its clients in a comprehensive manner and with a globalized vision of service.

Main Areas of Practice

Tax Planning

The constant changes in our tax legislation have led companies to establish strategies to measure their impact and achieve significant reduction, which makes planning a resource that becomes very important to be used by the management, given that it and enhance decisions.

Our objective is to provide companies with a stategic plan that achieves high tax compliance standars, where they can assess the alternatives that help with tax savings, improve cash flow, evaluate investment projects and increase profitability, shareholders, and in this way obtain positive results in tax matters.

Estate Planning

AROCA VIVES Abogados has a real understanding of the risk that threatens the economic stability of family assets, generated by the lack of strategies of their protection. This is necesary to create strategies that minimize negative eventualities that may affect the family heritage, and that support it to grow and preserve itself.

Foreign Investment

Within the process of globalization, foreign investment begins to undergo a change aimed at limited expansion in times of economic crisis, this implies as well the free flow of capital and the lifting of customs and tax restrictions, the movement of people and goods and other aspects that cooperate with foreign investment.

Our team of advisers are properly prepared to provide comprehensive advice on foreign operations in the field of goods and/or services, as well as receive support in strategic and operational planning, promoting a solid strategy than optimizes foreign investment based on national regulation.

Tax Litigation

We provide comprehensive advice based on technical knowledge and legal arguments, understanding the analysis of cases from the experience that we have, drafting and implementing litigious strategies to optimize the defense in tax, customs, foreign trade and contracts matters, against tax authorities at national and local levels.

AROCA VIVES Lawyers provide accompaniment in the inspection performed by tax authorities. We also draft and file timeny responses to requirements and administrative acts, stated by the tax authority, focused on the defense of our clients interests.


Our main objective is to contribute to our clients integral solutions that stimulate their productive continuity, and their legal business and commercial compliance; providing advice on corporate legal structures where the rights of shareholders, shareholders’ meetings and boards of directors are involved.

We have the necessary skills to provide advice and support in the termination of commercial contracts of all kinds, such as distribution schemes, joint ventures, among others.

Commercial Litigation

AROCA VIVES Abogados has a legal team, expert in legal representation in matters of litigation, with a high expertise and knowledge in contract and extra-contractual civil liability, offering a high standard, accompaniment in civil, commercial and public process. The firm also provides legal advice in negotiation, looking to prevent legal disputes or lawsuits.

Additionaly, our legal service is well known by its effectiveness in lawsuits against private´s entity´s or against the estate, using different legal strategies in conflict resolution like mediations or conciliation, with the final objective of providing secureness to our clients by obtaining positive results in our different legal areas.


Aroca Vives Abogados has a specialized legal team that aims to advise and support clients on issues related to individual labor law, collective and social security law, managing labor relations perfectly and providing accompaniment and investigations in disciplinary proceedings that may result. All this focusing on ensuring the overall wellbeing of the company in terms of shall hiring, management of individual relationships, implications in the contractual part, voluntary retirement plans, restructuring, harassment processes and the transformation of benefits plans labor.