This content is provided by Amprimo, Flury, Barboza & Rodríguez Abogados.

Managing Partner: Natale Amprimo
Senior Partners: Hans Flury, Eduardo Barboza, Carlos Rodríguez
Number of partners: 6
Number of other lawyers: 22

Dispute Resolution & Arbitration:
Natale Amprimo
Tax: Eduardo Joo
Corporate: Eduardo Joo
Public: Ana Angulo
Life Sciences:
Carlos Rodríguez
Labour: Christa Caro
Real Estate:
Carlos Rodríguez / Eduardo Barboza
Hans Flury
Projects: Natale Amprimo
Intellectual Property: Cindy Vargas

Firm Overview:
Established in 2006, Amprimo, Flury, Barboza & Rodriguez Abogados has risen in the Peruvian market as a respected and much-demanded firm amongst the industrial sector, leading several high-profile cases in most practice areas. The firm currently is a full-service law firm, providing legal assistance in all areas of law, being particularly recognised in the market its solid defence in constitutionally-oriented proceedings, expertise in arbitration and technical understanding of the law regarding life sciences, construction and real estate; as well as the consistent work, legal expertise and professional excellence delivered by its team of attorneys. The firm excels at managing crisis situations and knows its way around successful PR and media strategies.

Main Areas of Practice:
Dispute Resolution & Arbitration:

The firm’s dispute resolution and arbitration area is known for successfully sponsoring clients in a wide variety of judicial processes in almost all areas of law, especially in constitutional, civil, tax and regulatory matters, as well as in high value arbitrations, counselling clients in all aspects of their civil defence. The area has been involved in some of the most influential leading cases in Peru, in the mining and industrial sectors, amongst others.

Life Sciences:
As a branch of the public law department, this practice focuses in all matters pertaining pharmaceuticals and life sciences, advising clients in issues ranging from the acquisition of the necessary government permits to patent claims and dispute resolution. The department is known for its wide knowledge of the latest pharmacopoeias and technical understanding of the evaluation methods used in state-run quality control procedures. This practice’s excellence in its field has translated to it handling the pharmaceutical portfolios of most national laboratories, as well as that of the national pharmaceutical laboratories guild (ADIFAN).

Real Estate:

A well-known full real estate department, with a unique knowledge of the Peruvian market and its strategic players. The firm is involved in the development of the most sophisticated and complex real estate and infrastructure transactions and projects in the country. The firm provides advice to real estate funds, construction companies and real estate corporations for the financing of their portfolios, assets and projects, among others. Additionally, the firm assists clients in the later phases of their real estate investment, from the technical-legal analysis of the transaction, as well as during their negotiation and closure of projects, including of course the firm's advice in the contractual execution phase and dispute resolution. The practice relies on an interdisciplinary team that combines experts in contract law, real estate and urban matters, tax and financial law, environmental law, litigation/arbitration, among others.

The firm’s tax law area has led some of the most recent major class action suits filed on the grounds of the unconstitutionality of several tax reforms that harmed the country’s economy and industrial sector. In this regard, this area advises its clients in all matters relating to, and dependant on tax structuring, compliance, and audits, as well as in proceedings of both administrative and judicial nature, should disputes of any kind arise.

The labour law area provides its clients with efficient, up-to-date solutions to all issues encompassed in the working environment. Clients are satisfied by the multiplicity of options provided, aimed at avoiding labour crises that could harm business in the short and long term. The area is particularly involved in the retail and transport sectors, having ample experience in both individual law as well union-led matters.

The mining department is known for the trajectory and expertise of its members, who have held various positions within the main public and private institutions in the sector, such as former Minister of Energy and Mines and three times President of the National Society of Mining, Oil and Energy. This department boasts first-hand experience in the public and private sectors, making for exceptional all-round counsel in the fields of mining regulation, deal negotiation and dispute resolution.

The administrative and regulatory law area is known for its experience in advising and sponsoring clients in matters such as public service regulation and concessions; public acquisitions and procurement; health and pharmaceutical regulation –where it represents most of the industry–; urban and real estate, competition and antitrust, among others. In this sense, solving issues related to bureaucratic barriers to the conduction of business and accessing markets is one of the areas’ stronger points.

The corporate law practice handles a wide scope of transactions, from regular and daily commercial affairs, to highly sophisticated M&A operations, having participated in significant deals with clients from the transport, industrial and real estate sectors.

This area stands out in providing its clients with advisory regarding the development and implementation of investment projects, both public and private; in obtaining permits and administrative certifications, advising its clients in matters of financing, guarantees and the negotiation of complex contracts.

Intellectual Property:
The firm manages the brand and copyright portfolio of major transnational companies, being in charge, not only of their defense and sponsorship in cases of conflict due to unduly use by third parties of said copyright; but also the monitoring of its use in the market.

International Work:
The firm has a strong portfolio of international clients and has vast experience in handling cross border operations in corporate, tax and labour (pension) law matters. International tax and corporate planning is one of the firm’s key services in this regard.

Spanish, English, Italian.

Clients: The firm handles clients from most industrial sectors, mainly cement industries (UNACEM, Cementos Pacasmayo, Yura), real estate and construction (Líder, Caral, Echevarria Izquierdo, Cobra-ACS), energy (Enel, Kallpa), industry (OPP Film, Aceros Arequipa, Mexichem, VSI Industrial-Vainsa) and pharmaceutical (AC Farma, IQ Farma, ADIFAN), among others.