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This content is provided by Aman Assefa & Associates Law Office.

Managing Partners: Aman Assefa
Partners: Bahakal Abate, Ermias Ayalew, Micael Sehul
Number of lawyers: 13
Languages: Amharic, English, Oromifa and Tigrigna

Firm Overview:
Aman Assefa and Associates Law Office (“AAA”) is a full service law office engaged in providing legal advisory and representation to clients in Ethiopia. Since its establishment in 2003, AAA has been reputed as a pioneer in corporate legal practice. Through its dependable and continuous services, it has become a firm of choice for number of clients. The firm’s diversified and experienced team of lawyers offer their expertise in the areas of commercial, investment, transaction advisory, labour relations, taxation, projects and project finance, energy, intellectual property, banking, construction, environment and related legal services. Its clients consist of both foreign and domestic investors and range from start-ups to prominent multi-nationals.

Main Areas of Practice:
Corporate & Commercial
Transaction Advisory
Privatisation & Liberalisation
Investment & Company Incorporation
Projects & Project Finance
Public Private Partnership
Mining & Energy
Legal Due Diligence
Public Procurement
Banking & Insurance
Regulatory & Compliance
Litigation & Arbitration
Intellectual Property

Corporate & M&A:

4 partners; 3 fee earner based in Ethiopia
■ Provided transaction advisory, due diligence works as well as transaction document preparation and overall guidance to a private equity company in its merger with a local plastic manufacturing company. In addition, AAA provided similar service for its acquisition of another company engaged in the medical diagnostics business
■ Representing Catalyst, a private equity company, in its acquisition of a local glass and bottle manufacturing company and advising in the deal structure as well as review of transaction documents and implementation of the deal
■ Provided transactional advisory for Marriott Hotels which included corporate due diligence, and advisory on deal closing procedures
■ Represented a global shipping company in its deal with a local logistics company for a JV formation to engage in the logistics sector. Services included deal structure advisory, review of transaction documents as well as components of drafting and currently in the process of implementing deal including formation of a vehicle company ■ Currently representing a continental real estate and logistic company in its joint venture deal with a local company to develop private owned industrial park over 100 hectares property with an initial investment of $30mn, services including deal advisory, transaction document review, drafting and overseeing deal implementation
■ Provided transaction advisory services for a global textile company to acquire 100% ownership of a foreign owned textile factory with an investment size of $30mn
Key Clients: ALP, Balaji, Partech, Ahadukes, Arsho Medical Laboratory
Contact: Micael Sehul
Tel: +251 930 47 0262
Email: [email protected]

Investment & Regulatory:
4 partners, 3 fee earners, Ethiopia
■ Provided advice and support to Diageo, as a shareholder of Meta Abo Brewery in Ethiopia, on corporate governance and company law matters to assist in its broader risk mitigation and management efforts
■ Provided support for a global logistics company in setting up and running of a logistics company in Ethiopia
■ Provide regular support to a global clothing company on its day to day operations in relation with government regulators, financiers, tax authority and licensing offices
■ Provided support to establish representative office in Ethiopia for a global furniture and home appliances company
Key Clients: Bollore, Expolanka Freight LTD, HH Fruit, Balton
Contact: Bahakal Abate
Tel: +251 911 87 4741
Email: [email protected]

Commercial, Labour & Disputes:
4 partners, number of 4 fee earners based in Ethiopia
■ In a very complicated liquidation assignment, AAA are assisting AB-InBev in carefully balancing the various competing interests of local and federal tax authorities, customs commission, potential creditors and other stakeholders while managing the interest of the Client in the protection of its reputation and proprietary interests
■ Provide regular support to Vasari Group, a global investment group that is involved in manufacturing beverage in its day to day operations in addition to seeing through a redundancy procedure of 1/3rd (150) of employees and debt recovery proceedings for over 40 distributors
■ Work closely with TAL Apparel, a major multi-national apparel company with a total of $200mn investment in its HR personnel matter to equip the Client with tools of labour compliance, draft comprehensive employment contracts (managerial, non-managerial and temporary employment agreements) and prepare comprehensive manuals, work rules, and guidelines Key Clients: DBL Industries, EPIC, Glencore
Contact: Ermias Ayalew
Tel: +251 911 97 5810
Email: [email protected]

Financial Services, ICT & Media:
4 of partners, 5 fee earners, Ethiopia
■ In what is being considered as Ethiopia’s major milestone to date in the liberalisation of major investment sectors, AAA is actively supporting Vodacom and its consortium partners in their efforts of initially understanding the legal and regulatory framework surrounding not only the telecom space but also company law, corporate governance, foreign exchange and investment law regime among other matters
■ Provide advice to an international TV broadcaster and media company on optimal ways to launch a pay-tv service in Ethiopia, which included advice on structuring, tax and regulatory matters
■ Provided advisory services to an international technology company on regulatory requirements on areas such as privacy and data protection, online election campaign, and commercial advertisement
■ Provided advisory services to an international NGO established by a financial services company on electronic payment matters
■ AAA provided advice in relation to the financial services industry in Ethiopia broadly and the particular regulatory treatment of international merchant acquiring businesses for a global merchant acquirer
■ Advised Standard Bank on a potential equity and debt financing arrangements under Ethiopian Law
■ Provide regular services to a prominent social media platform on relevant legal developments in Ethiopia
Key Clients: Canal+, Visa
Contact: Bahakal Abate
Tel: +251 911 87 4741
Email: [email protected]

Projects, Energy & Mining:
4 partners, 4 fee earners, Ethiopia
■ Supported a global medical equipment manufacturer to establish a project office that works in collaboration with the Ethiopian Ministry of Health
■ In what can be part of the broader telecom liberalisation process, AAA is providing continuous assistance to one of the very active company, Hileos, currently exploring investment opportunities in the telecom infrastructure investment sector. In particular, the firm’s advice has ranged from land acquisition processes, telecom towers infrastructure legal regime, taxation and foreign exchange regulations and many more
■ Conducted a legal due diligence of the Ethiopian energy sector for a leading Operation & Maintenance (O&M) service provider for water desalination and power generation plants
Key Clients: Hileos, Philips, Orion
Contact: Ermias Ayalew
Tel: +251 911 97 5810
[email protected]

4 partners, 3 fee earners, Ethiopia
■ Provide a high level advisory on Ethiopian tax law matters in representation of major telecom and internet provider through Bowmans
■ Providing a wide range of corporate legal services for networking and telecommunications company on a regular retainer basis; provide advice and lead a specific matter related to tax issues
■ Provided advisory service to a global e-commerce company with regards to comprehensive tax advice on point-on-point sharing through ENS
■ Represented Illantot, a commercial farm, in tax litigation
■ Represented BelCash, a payment service provider, before tax authority in defense of a tax claim
■ Provide in-depth advisory on tax law related issues and structures with tax law implications for a major global energy company
Key Clients: ENS
Contact: Aman Assefa
Tel: +251 911 50 5659
Email: [email protected]