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4 Stone Buildings

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Head of Chambers: George Bompas KC
Senior Clerk: David Goddard
Tenants: 40

Chambers currently consist of 39 members, including nine silks. Three members are currently on the Treasury Panels. Three members are appointed to sit as Deputy Judges of the High Court. One silk is Attorney General to the Duchy of Lancaster and another is Attorney General to the Prince of Wales. Chambers belong to the Commercial Bar Association and the Chancery Bar Association.

Work covers all aspects of company and commercial litigation, insolvency and restructuring, shareholders disputes, corporate fraud and asset recovery as well as commercial arbitration, banking, financial services and regulatory work, international trusts and public law. Since few business disputes or problems lend themselves to rigid categorisation, we cover a wide range of related legal specialisations in our core areas of expertise. Members of Chambers are just as likely to appear in the Commercial Court as in the Chancery Division, and we are also frequently instructed in cases overseas, particularly in the Caribbean and the Far East.

Apart from our commercial clientele, we also have a strong regulatory tradition in the commercial and financial sectors. In addition, individual practitioners have developed expertise in other areas, such as international trusts and public law.

Further information about chambers and the work undertaken is available on the website

All Members at 4 Stone Buildings collaborated to produce the publication 'Litigation in the Time of Covid-19'. The book has since evolved into a live publication e-book which is regularly updated. Members of chambers have also contributed to numerous publications in their specialist fields including ‘Annotated Companies Acts (Oxford University Press)’, ‘Tolley’s Company Law, Atkin Court Forms’ 2nd ed., (volumes on companies, winding up and equitable remedies), ‘Halsbury’s Laws of England’ 4th ed. (volumes on corporations and money); ‘A Practitioner’s Guide to Directors’ Duties and Responsibilities (City & Financial Publishing).’ Loose & Griffiths on Liquidators, Transaction Avoidance in Insolvencies. e-book, Litigation in the time of COVID-19: Legal issues in commerce, finance and insolvency.

Chambers undertake a substantial amount of work for overseas clients and members regularly receive instructions from the Caribbean, the United States, Europe, Dubai, Central Asia and the Far East. In recent years, members have appeared in court and arbitrations in Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Gibraltar, Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands, the Turks and Caicos Islands, Malaysia, Singapore, Rwanda, Hong Kong, Nevis, Dominica, Seychelles and Trinidad. In addition certain members are full members of the Northern Ireland Bar, the Cayman Islands Bar and the Bar of the British Virgin Islands.

4 Stone Buildings’ policy is to seek to have up to two pupils each year and to recruit each of those pupils that meet the required standard. Prospective applicants for pupillage will find further information including details of chambers’ awards in the Pupillage Pack which is available on request. Mini-pupillages are encouraged.


George Bompas KC (1975) (KC-1994)

John Brisby KC (1978) (KC-1996)

Jonathan Crow KC (1981) (KC-2006)

Richard Hill KC (1993) (KC-2012)

Andrew Clutterbuck KC (1992) (KC-2014)

Orlando Fraser KC (1994) (KC-2014)

Andrew de Mestre KC (1998) (KC-2019)

Sharif Shivji KC (2001) (KC-2020)

Hermann Boeddinghaus KC (1996) (KC-2021)

Sarah Harman (1987)

Christopher Harrison (1988)

Paul Greenwood (1991)

Nicholas Cox (1992)

Charles Marquand (1987)

Anna Markham (1996)

Gregory Denton-Cox (2000)

Tiran Nersessian (2002)

Alastair Tomson (2004)

Adam Holliman (2005)

Tom Gentleman (2005)

Donald Lilly (2006)

Alexander Cook (2008)

Nicola Timmins (2008)

James Knott (2008)

Eleanor Holland (2010)

Joseph Wigley (2010)

Edward Crossley (2012)

Andrew Rose (2013)

Albert Sampson (2014)

Lara Hassell-Hart (2014)

Emma Horner (2015)

Guy Olliff-Cooper (2015)

Zara McGlone (2016)

Karl Anderson (2017)

Daniel Kessler (2018)

Nicholas Wright (2019)

Hossein Sharafi (2018)

Elizabeth Walsh (2020)

Joshua O'Neill (2020)

Sophy Tuck (2019)