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Razi Mireskandari

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Razi is managing partner of Simons Muirhead & Burton LLP (SM&B) and head of civil litigation.


Razi was the key figure in building SM&B’s media litigation into the formidable force it now is. SM&B’s media litigation team is recognised as a leader in the field, one of the best in the country. Razi is amongst the best media litigators in England. Razi also heads up SM&B’s commercial litigation department and has spearheaded a flexible approach to fee arrangements with the aim of offering clients certainty in respect of financial exposure. Razi is a firm believer in offering to share client’s risk exposure where that is possible. SM&B has pioneered funding arrangements which reduce client exposure and is able to offer ATE under a delegated scheme. Razi believes the best lawyers have well-honed commercial sensibility. His own is expressed by the fact that since he took over as managing partner in 2010, SM&B has grown 40% and is now one of the most successful firms of its size in the country. When asked for the greatest contributor to success Razi replied 'good people and SM&B has the best.'