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Number of lawyers: 16
Number of patent attorneys: 60
Number of accountants: 3 (certified public), 1 (tax)

Firm Overview:
Founded in 1902, YUASA and HARA is one of the oldest and largest law firms in Japan. The firm is also a pioneer in multidisciplinary practice, consisting of a legal division, a patent division, a trademark and design division and an accounting division.
While each division functions independently as a legal firm, patent firm and accounting firm, its members also closely cooperate with each other to provide complete and multiple intellectual property services to clients both in Japan and overseas.

Global Network:

Since the early days of YUASA and HARA the provision of expeditious international services for clients both in Japan and overseas has been the core value of the firm’s practice.

To sustain and enhance this capacity, the firm has always valued international cooperation with overseas law and patent firms and have established a strong global network.

It has built up alliances with overseas reliable law firms, especially in connection with corporate legal and IP cases, through TerraLex, covering more than 19,000 lawyers from over 100 countries, and Europe-based Unilaw.

In addition to these private alliances, there are always a number of members of the firm actively engaged in international associations relating to law and IP such as AIPLA, AIPPI, ALAI, APAA, FICPI, INTA, IPBA and LES, thus building close relationships with foreign lawyers and patent attorneys.

Main Areas of Practice:

General Corporate:

Legal services for companies are the traditional and central practices of attorneys at law of the firm. The firm handles professional legal services in various areas.
The team prepare a system to immediately respond to cases that require understanding of complicated facts or technologies and process cases more promptly and adequately even in areas that require advanced expertise.

Cross-border Practies:
Yuasa & Hara are a member of Terralex, an international law office network with 140 member offices in about 100 countries, and Unilaw, an international law office group operating mainly in Europe. It has intensive collaboration relationships with many foreign law firms including member firms of these networks. This enables the firm to act promptly, accurately and thoroughly to meet the requirements of its clients in international cases. With the help of these networks, the firm responds to cases that develop simultaneously in more than one country.

Intellectual Property:
The firm has attorneys-at-law who are former judges at the intellectual property division of high court or attorneys-at-law whose major in university was science and technology.
The firm handles various cases related to intellectual property with the help of its patent attorneys with specialised knowledge within the patent division and trademark and design division.
The team has wide range of experiences in legal advice on preparing or reviewing of expert opinions, contracts and company rules, and in case of disputes, on pursuing negotiations, litigations, and arbitration, and mediation procedures.

Yuasa and Hara provides support and representation in all aspects of patent administration. It has an experienced group of patent attorneys specialising in a wide variety of technical fields including chemical, electric/electronic, mechanical, and highly advanced technologies.
The firm combines the skills of its patent attorneys with those of its intellectual property lawyers and trademark attorneys, who are all well versed and experienced in obtaining, protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights. This allows the firm to offer comprehensive intellectual property services and help clients protect intellectual property rights pertaining to new ideas, including patents, copyrights, industrial design rights and trademarks.

The professional and experienced design team supports clients to protect their design rights from the pre-application to post-registration of their designs.
In close cooperation with the patent and law firms abroad, the firm supports its clients all over the world who are willing to export their goods into the Japanese market.

With unrivaled expertise and broad experience through its long history, Yuasa and Hara supports clients to protect their important trademark rights from the pre-application to post-registration of their trademarks. The firm is very much proud of its highly experienced trademarks team, which provides clients with the industry-leading services and sincere support to meet their needs and wants, based on their deep expertise and rich experience and utilising Yuasa and Hara’s global network.

Accounting, Audit & Tax:
With professional and experienced staff, including certified public accountants, tax accountants and other accounting personnel, the firm offers a wide range of accounting, auditing, and tax services designed to meet the demands of its clients.