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This content is provided by Wintertons.

Managing Partner: Andrew Mugandiwa
Senior Partner: Peter Joseph Moor
Number of partners: 8
Number of lawyers: 15
Languages: English

Firm Overview:
Founded in 1926, Wintertons has stood the test of time and remains a leader in its various practice areas. The firm prides itself on being a modern, full range, commercial law firm with a reputation for excellent service. Its mixture of youth and experience enables it to maintain stability whilst creating innovative solutions for its customers’ needs. The firm provides a one stop shop with practice areas covering banking and finance, commercial and corporate M&A, litigation and alternative dispute resolution, energy, infrastructure and mining and employment law, intellectual property, property law and family law. The firm represents a number of companies on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and non-listed companies.

Main Areas of Practice:

Banking & Finance:
The department is headed by Andrew Mugandiwa and offers advice on the following:
■ Acquisition Finance
■ Asset Finance
■ Bilateral and Syndicated Finance
■ Financial Institutions Regulation
■ Trade Finance
■ Infrastructure, Energy, Resources Finance
■ Private Placements
■ Real Estate Finance
Contact: Andrew Mugandiwa
Email: [email protected]

Corporate & Commercial:
The department is headed by Nikita Madya and Andrew Mugandiwa and offers advice on the following:
■ Agency and Distribution
■ Commercial Contracts
■ Commercial, Industrial and Residential Leases 
■ Franchising
■ Insurance
■ IPOs
■ Private Placements
■ Securities Law and Exchange Compliance
■ Mergers and Acquisitions
■ Intellectual Property Licensing
■ Corporate Restructuring
■ Investments in Zimbabwe
■ Indigenisation Law Compliance
Contact: Andrew Mugandiwa
Email: [email protected]
Contact: Nikita Madya
Email: [email protected]

Energy, Infrastructure & Mining:
The department is headed by Edmore Jori and deals with the following:
■ General Due Diligence
■ Project Structuring and Documentation
■ Power Purchase Agreements
■ Financing Agreements
■ Infrastructure Sharing Agreements
■ Regulatory Approvals
■ Tribute Agreements and Mining Leases
Contact: Nikita Madya
Email: [email protected]

Labour & Employment:
The department is headed by Ruvimbo Matsika and handles the following:
■ Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Litigation
■ Employment Contracts, Handbooks and Policies
■ Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures
■ Collective Law Negotiations with Unions and Employee Representatives
■ Collective Bargaining Agreements
■ Retrenchments
■ Wrongful Termination and Dismissals Advice and Litigation
■ Managing Tribunal and Labour Court matters
■ Training Management on how to Identify and Avoid Disputes
Contact: Ruvimbo Matsika
Email: [email protected]

Intellectual Property:
The department is headed by Paul Christopher Paul and handles the following:
■ Copyrights
■ Intellectual Property issues in Commercial Transactions
■ Intellectual Property Litigation and Arbitrations
■ Licensing and Technology Transfer
■ Registration of Patents and Industrial Designs
■ Registration and renewals of Trademarks and Brands
Contact: Paul Christopher Paul
Email: [email protected]

Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution:
The department is headed by Trust Manjengwah and deals with:
■ Alternative Dispute Resolution
■ Mediation
■ Arbitration
■ Conciliation
■ Commercial Litigation in the Magistrates Court, the High Court and the Supreme Court
■ Criminal Defence Work 
■ Environmental and Human Rights Litigation
■ Constitutional Court litigation
■ Insurance Litigation
■ Professional Liability Claims
■ Damages Claims
■ Corporate Litigation
■ Debt Collection
Contact: Trust Manjengwah
Email: [email protected]

Property & Estates Administration:
The department is headed by Peter Moor and handles all aspects of the following matters:
■ Conveyancing and Transfers
■ Mortgage Bond Registration and Deregistration
■ Consolidation and Division of Land
■ Replacement of lost Title Deeds
■ Landlord and Tenant Contracts and Disputes
■ Advice on Capital Gains Tax Exemptions and Roll-Overs
■ Housing Developments
Contact: Peter Joseph Moor
[email protected]


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