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Managing Partner: Piergiorgio Valente
Executive Partners: Cristina Caraccioli, Salvatore Mattia
Number of Partners: 17
Number of Professionals: 50 (in total)
Languages: English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Firm Overview:
Valente Associati GEB Partners (Crowe Valente) is a leading firm providing legal, tax, and strategic management consulting services. It advises public companies as well as large and medium-sized enterprises and multinational conglomerates including also SMEs supporting them in every step of their growth and assisting them before tax authorities and courts of all levels. The firm brings together seasoned attorneys and certified public accountants, who are actively involved in professional organisations, both nationally and internationally, as well as in the areas of research and academia. This allows the firm to structure integrated and expert teams to satisfy clients’ needs through a dynamic and synergetic approach to ensure high-quality deliverables. The firm’s hallmark is an innovative approach, which combines the necessary competencies with the ability to constantly deliver the most suitable and long-lasting tailor-made solutions within the tax sector (transfer pricing included) in order to fully satisfy client needs/demands.

Main Areas of Practice:
International & EU Tax 
Corporate Tax 
Criminal Tax 
Litigation & Dispute Resolution 
Transfer Pricing 
Tax Effective Supply Chain Management (TESCM) 
Risk Management & Corporate Governance
International Commerce, Contracts & Arbitration 
Industrial Relations & Labour 
Industrial Property & Intellectual Property 
Financial Services 
Regulated Markets & Financial Instruments 
Tax Check-up & Certifications 
Quantitative Methods

Main Areas of Practice: 

International & EU Tax:
Legal developments occurring within the EU and the international community play a pivotal role in the restructuring strategies of multinational enterprises, and Valente Associati GEB Partners has been paving the way for guidelines, positions, and principles impacting strategic and entrepreneurial group policies. The firm’s international tax team is made up of specialised professionals that actively cooperate with tax experts in worldwide jurisdictions. This team also provides assistance to governmental authorities in negotiations of bilateral and multilateral agreements between/among States and between/among States and supranational institutions.

Corporate Tax:
The firm provides consultancy services to enterprises requiring professional assistance on tax issues involving ordinary business activities as well as extraordinary operations. Valente Associati GEB Partners’ tax team includes top-notch professionals with long-standing and proven experience in assisting and representing taxpayers before tax authorities and tax courts.

Criminal Tax:
Valente Associati GEB Partners’ criminal tax team, headed by Professor and criminal tax attorney Ivo Caraccioli, provides consultancy services and assistance on criminal tax issues involving the management of multinational enterprises.

The firm has acquired long-standing experience in assisting clients in their relationship with the tax authorities with regard to all pre- and post-trial phases of litigation proceedings and takes charge of taxpayers’ defence throughout the entire litigation process.

Transfer Pricing:
The firm assists large multinational corporations in examining and defending policies and procedures concerning transfer prices as well as in drafting the appropriate transfer pricing documentation. Valente Associati GEB Partners supports companies’ top management in the definition and in the management of transfer pricing policies also with reference to processes of corporate restructuring.

Tax Effective Supply Chain Management:
Valente Associati GEB Partners provides comprehensive and multidisciplinary consultancy services in the areas of supply chain planning, corporate restructuring, procedural aspects of transfer pricing, direct and indirect taxation, customs procedures, and accounting.

Risk Management:
The firm provides assistance with organic systems aimed at managing the risk faced by groups, risk management and governance, funds transfer pricing, credit risk management, market risk management, risk-adjusted measuring systems, and tax risk and transfer pricing.

International Commerce, Contracts & Arbitration:
Valente Associati GEB Partners provides advice on contract law, assistance in negotiating and drafting commercial agreements, due diligence services, and assistance in and management of conflicts connected to agreement performance.

Industrial Relations & Labour:
Being aware of the importance of a company’s human capital – and of managing the delicate balance of the multiple and intricate relationships established at the various corporate levels – Valente Associati GEB Partners provides constant assistance, not only with regard to impact analyses of the rules and regulations in force, but also with regard to the management of relations and the drawing up of internal policies and in dealing with any other potentially critical issue.

Industrial Property & Intellectual Property:
Valente Associati GEB Partners provides assistance with industrial property matters, patenting, valorisation of inventions, contracts concerning the management of intangibles, conflicts related to the protection of intellectual property, and other sector-specific issues.

Regulated Markets & Financial Instruments:
Valente Associati GEB Partners provides consultancy services and assistance on legal-tax issues linked to financial topics by assisting institutional investors and corporations in their decision-making processes within a complex framework of rules and regulations, generally subject to constant changes and amendments.

Tax Check-up & Certifications:
Valente Associati GEB Partners’‘tax check-up’ team provides tax planning, assessment, and control services relating to tax-accounting requirements on behalf of and in the interest of multinational enterprises.

Quantitative Methods for Decision Making:
Valente Associati GEB Partners employs statistical and mathematical tools for economic and financial analysis and planning purposes. Some of the services it offers are asset value and investment valuations, benchmarking studies, econometric models, and stress-testing.

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