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CEO: Daniel Reed (CEO)
Number of employees: 3,000
Languages:Bulgarian, English, French, German, Hindi, Mandarin, Spanish

Firm Overview:
Founded in October 2006, UnitedLex is a technology and legal services company committed to delivering digital legal transformation. The firm’s other services include digital legal transformation, corporate and commercial services, litigation and regulatory services, intellectual property, and law firm consulting. The world’s most forward-thinking law departments and law firms—including more than 25% of the Global 500, 30% of the Fortune 50, and 50% of the Am Law 100—rely on UnitedLex to apply cutting-edge technologies and operating models that drive significant economic value for clients’ businesses.

Services Offered:
Digital Legal Transformation:
Digital transformation is often described as the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ and is a powerful and ongoing evolutionary force for creating economic value, agility, and competitive advantage. Companies that embrace digital transformation achieve superior business growth, greater customer satisfaction, and stronger market position. C-suite executives and boards have already centered entire corporate strategies around digital transformation. New technologies and operating models are being applied in virtually every part of the enterprise, from core business operations to shared services, with stunning impact. The results confirm the stakes for companies that ‘become digital’—as well as those that do not. The firm combines business-grade technology, resource flexibility and optimisation, and an empowering delivery platform to not only reduce costs for the enterprise, but increase business agility, speed to market, and ease of transactions.
Key clients: Global Fortune 500 across aeronautical and defense, automotive, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, financial services, retail, technology, and manufacturing industries.
Contact: Mark Robilotti, SVP UnitedLex Digital Legal Transformation
Tel: 415 328 1903
Email: [email protected]

Litigation & Regulatory:
UnitedLex leverages digital to transform how litigation services are procured and delivered. The firm combines technology, legal expertise, and process innovation to achieve lower total cost and higher operational performance throughout each phase of the litigation, investigation, and regulatory lifecycles. It understands that every case team faces unique challenges, and the firm applies its proprietary technology, processes, and legal business intelligence to devise strategy and define what success means for you.
Key clients: Global Fortune 500 across pharmaceuticals, life sciences, financial services, technology, and manufacturing industries.
Contact: Geoff Wilcox, SVP UnitedLex Litigation & Regulatory Services
Tel: 614 202 7773
[email protected]

Corporate & Commercial:
UnitedLex provides a platform for commercial legal and business functions to embrace digital transformation. Combining technology, legal process engineering, domain expertise, and a global delivery network, the firm offers a comprehensive range of solutions for in-house legal teams challenged with the demands of mounting workloads and the pressure to innovate. The firm’s capabilities run from diagnostic analysis and design, through deployment of digital products and all the way to fully outsourced managed services.
Key clients: Global Fortune 500 across Aeronautical and Defense, Travel & Entertainment, Technology, Financial Services industries, and more
Contact: Ed Gill, VP UnitedLex Corporate and Commercial Services
Tel: +44 7949 822 657

Intellectual Property:
With one of the largest and most successful intellectual property teams in the industry, UnitedLex enables its clients to defend their current business practices and to monetise their IP portfolio, enabling them to capitalise on proactive licensing revenue opportunities. The firm’s people, processes, and technology allow companies and leading law firms to unlock and protect the value of their IP holdings.
Key clients: Top 10 patent holders within semiconductor, automotive, consumer, telecom, and networking verticals.
Contact: Animesh Kumar, SVP UnitedLex Intellectual Property
512 514 3907
[email protected]